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Sustainable Ecotourism – Be a Green Traveller

If the countries would have no boundaries if there would be no formalities of passport and visa I would have been a traveller throughout my life learning from each corner of the world, collecting memories at each step, without disturbing their life. And that’s what the sustainable ecotourism means.

It is a concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the environment, society and economy.

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Sustainability has to be a part of our life. No matter what we are eating, what we are wearing and wherever we are going , sustainability goes hand in hand. Specially being a traveller we carry a lot of responsibility on our shoulders while travelling with in a country or abroad.

Watch the unadulterated beauty and capture in your camera or in the memories. Here are few random clicks by me !!!

To inspire you and make you a green traveller and to promote sustainable ecotourism, this time I have come up with a rap song.

This rap song will help you to understand how can we contribute as green traveller to the society, the culture , the environment and overall the development of the place that you are going to visit

This is a perfect way to live a sustainable eco friendly traveller life.

Sustainable ecotourism Rap Song

Hi Guys!!! Time is flying if will not open our eyes now , it will never, as we are already late…Let’s sing with me…

say G – Green

say T – Traveller

say E – Eco

Say T – Tourism

so this is a green Traveller talking about eco tourism….Yeah !!!

Use the public transport

Local bus and train

Connect to the beauty

In the nature friendly way

Yo yo green travelling…. G G G green travelling

Why to stay in hotel chains

Which are very expensive

Stay at the local hotel 

And the guest houses

I am a green traveller…Yo Yo green travelling

I’m gonna learn their culture

And visit their local site

this’ ill gimme a chance to

make friends for my life

Yo yo…

Why to go to supermarket

When we can enjoy the local food

Support their local business

And Lift up their mood

Yo yo…

Go for hiking camping

And plan up for a safari

Watch the animals in the wild

And eat some fruits n berries

Yo yo….

 yes say together, let’s say together

I am a green  traveller,

you are a green traveller

G G G Green traveller

So let’s come together to save all these beautiful destinations for future generations to enjoy.

Don’t be only a traveller, be a green traveller. Care to wildlife add the other natural resources. Be conscious about the culture and environment. Respect the culture and do your best to contribute to the local communities to help them develop further.

Remember a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable, it is designed to make its own people comfortable. Adapting to the local culture shows that you were able to show respect for the diversity of the world.

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  1. myworldwitheira

    Loved your rap song about green traveling. Great tips and easy to implement.

    1. Aurora M

      Yes !!! It is our collective responsibility

  2. Varsh

    Green travel and tourism is our collective responsibility. Interesting rap!

    1. Aurora M

      Thanks for liking it

  3. Matheikal

    You’ve presented a vital theme in an innovative way. Loved the pics too.

    1. Aurora M

      Thanks for the appreciation

    1. Aurora M

      Thanks a lot for reading

    1. Aurora M

      Thanks for the appreciation

  4. JYOTI

    Interesting rap!Green travel and tourism is our collective responsibility.

  5. MeenalSonal

    Becoming green traveller we all can pave a great future for all to live in , the song is catchy with the lyrics.

  6. Cindy Dsilva

    Nice song. We always go local and take care of our surroundings wherever we are! Except in India… hahaha… Here I want roast chicken not idli dosa!

  7. I love the song. I will be humming it the next time I travel. And yes I love supporting local food as well as local stays. 5 stars are not my cup of tea.

  8. Aseem Rastogi

    That’s quite an innovative way to write about such an important topic. All the points were very well put. With the changing climate, it’s more important than ever to be sustainable.

  9. The Siriusgram

    Green travel is the right way to travel, fun rap!!! 🙂

  10. mahekg

    Keeping in mind these aspects we can really enjoy our travels and see the beauty of the place we are visiting in real sense.

  11. Ninu Nair

    Such pertinent points, it is the need of the hour to travel responsibly, to keep the beauty of the place intact and to have respect for local cultures.

  12. Harshita

    How very true, sustainable tourism is the way to go! and such a catchy song you have written

  13. Geethica

    Sustainability is actually very important and should be included in life. Avoiding super markets and opting for local shops is very idea.

  14. Ritu

    Need of the hour. It is the most disturbing to see the mess tourists leave behind, particularly at the hill stations. You have shared some excellent pointers.

    1. Aurora M

      Thanks ! We need to be a responsible tourist

  15. A Rustic Mind

    Such an important message, delivered so innovatively. Loved the little poem 🙂

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