Are you living a sustainable life – A short Quiz

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Sustainability is avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. Sustainability has to be a part of our life. Sustainability is a lifestyle. As our day starts, so is the journey to the sustainability starts. Adding my contributions towards sustainable living.

There are end number of ways by which you can contribute as a person to build the best society. The society that cares about environment and the future generations. Even if you travelling, be a green traveller and promote sustainable ecotourism.

Quiz on Sustainability lifestyle –

It is possible that knowingly or unknowingly, you are into the habit to sustainable living.

Try this quiz to see how far you have reached on the way to Sustainable living.

Are you living sustainable life ?

By adopting new changes,  you can be a part of this change. Climate change is real. The worrisome part is that it is now getting difficult to bring it back to normal ranges.

The harm to the Earth is already done and somewhat it has become permanent.  Still we have to make sure that we do not harm it more.

So , let’s wake up and work together. Add few of these mentioned changes and give your share to bring back the Green And Happy Planet – Our Earth

Ways to live a sustainable life:

  •  Avoid single use plastic.
  • Use wooden brushes.
  • Buy what you need.
  • Eat as much you need, avoid wastage.
  • Recycle your old clothes.
  • Minimize the electronic waste.
  • Switch off the lights during the day.
  • Take out the plug from the socket when not in use.
  • Buy local.
  • Follow 3Rs
  • Grow your own organic fruits and vegetables
  • Resell and donate products
  • Spread awareness
  • Use eco friendly products
  • Spread awareness
  • Educate others
  • Protect environment by reducing carbon footprints

What’s your take on it ? Which is the new habit you have added to your daily life which can make you a part of sustainable society? Have you tried the quiz above?

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    • Ecosia is search engine like Google, bing. Whatever they earn through searches, some portion they use to plant trees through various projects.

    • You are the star for the day !!! Congratulations
      Share your voice to aware people around you.
      You can motivate others to take the quiz and show how sustainable living they are living

  1. Sustainable living is absolutely essential. Took the quiz learnt aabout a lot of new things. Interesting post

    • It doesn’t require much. Simple pick a container, add some garden soil and sow seeds of coriander or spinach . Start with something easy

  2. Hurray! I scored 10/10. I enjoyed the article thoroughly. I think these are the kind of articles that are required more and more which are engaging, thought provoking, and introspective.

  3. I am happy to have got a good score in your quiz which makes me feel that I am doing a little bit for sustainability. Thank you for all the valuable tips.

  4. This was a fun quiz and I am so glad I got a 10 on 10. An interesting way to make people more aware about the environment.

  5. Yayyyy…I got nine…technically it shud be ten but I didnt want to cheat. I use straws only for my photos and sometimes my grandsons. Do keep sharing such quizzes, its a great morale booster to save the planet.

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