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Listen but don’t judge #mentalhealthmatters

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There are many around us who are struggling with mental illness. Some may approach to you to seek help. It may not be directly. They will not tell you they are struggling with mental health or anxiety or depression.

They just want to speak their heart out. They will tell you the troubles or the challenges of their life. They just want you to listen. Listen without judgment.

Listen , not to give suggestions or solutions.

Listen….show that you are understanding and you are with them.

Depression is a pest which can destroy the person within. You can save them by active listening.

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  1. yogitaamitjoshi

    I agree… We should listen but never judge… great article

  2. Neha Sharma

    You are right, we should listen to people who come to us. They want to talk to us because they trust us and by judging them we hurt them by breaking their trust.

    1. Ginia

      Being empathetic and patient for all who are down and blue is the need of the hour

    2. Saba

      This is really important. We must follow them without fail

  3. jainnehas

    It is a great cause who have chosen to write about. You are absolutely right a hug can do wonders…

  4. Archana

    Judging is the most easiest job we human pick to perform. True that some times just being a listener works as the best medicine to the aching heart and soul.

  5. MeenalSonal

    Listening without giving suggestions and advice is a practice we all need to follow but as human nature prevails one tend to give suggestions.

    1. Dr.Amrita Basu

      Depression is a disease just like any other .People need medical help from a professional.

  6. Cindy D'Silva

    Yeah sometimes a friend calls and asks weird questions because she thinks someone conspiring against her… but i just listen and assure her that no one conspiring against her.

  7. mahekg

    We often forget to listen which is the most important aspect. Your post is very apt and we must follow it.

  8. Sadvika Kylash

    Yes I feel most of them listen to give advices. sometimes that wont work. just llistning will help a bit too

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