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An old green leaf – A short Story


On one fine day, the sun was shining brightly. Birds were chirping with joy. Colourful butterflies, fluttering their wings ,were enjoying from flower to flower.

Suddenly a gust of wind made an old leaf fall from the branch. There was a fresh green leaf watching all of this. It started laughing at  the falling old leaf.

“ How weak you are ! Can’t you withstand this little change. Look , how are turning from side to side in the air. You have no more green colour like me. Soon you will be on the road. And me, strong and happy on this branch enjoying my time. Never know where will you end ! “

The old leaf kept quite . It didn’t utter a word.

The next moment was unpredictable. The wind suddenly picked up the momentum.

The sky was getting darker as the sun covered by dark black clouds. The sound of storm could be heard clearly. The wind was at its full speed. The tree was standing strong but few of the weak branches got detached and fell on the road.

That green leaf which was proud of itself was also on one of those branches. It was still green on the branch but not on the tree.

Why was that old leaf quite ?

Can you relate this anecdote to life ?

What’s your take on it ?

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