Hi friends  Its because of your love and inspiration And the journey continues is on twitter now to spread the positivity in this world!!! Take a look at journey continues.. (@msarora23): https://twitter.com/msarora23?s=09 Follow,like,tweet,retweet…do whatever you like ???? ????    …

Why Pink ????

The moment I looked upon this word what comes in my mind….a soft,beautiful ,delicate creation of God!!! A  feeling of calmness ,soothness and to be patient. But I wonder too!! Why is this colour is considered to be feminine???  I…

What a word !!!

Yesterday I came across a post written by my fellow blogger Sara who always introduces new words through her blog posts.This time I could not control my curiosity to know more about this strange and funny word introduced by her-Smellfungus….

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