Are you aware about false guilt feeling ?

Damn ! Am I really doing something wrong that is giving me guilt feeling ?? Or someone is just trying to create a situation that better suits to him and helps him to take advantage???

Is this guilt feeling is true ???
Is it a guilt trap ???

There are people in the world who can take advantage of your helpful and humane nature to create their comforts. They are the one who will keep you blaming day and night to such an extent that you will start thinking yourself as a culprit !

Damn ! There are many different personalities around us. What should a person do to combat this situation is the most difficult task . This is the moment when you are struggling with your innerself. Through this post I am going to share few tips and tricks that can provide you a kind of support.

  • In such a situation, better talk to someone who knows you well. Who can help you to analyse the whole scenerio since beginning.
  • Make sure the person who is making you fall in trap have no other personal business. Don’t fall in the trap of emotions.
  • Stop trying to explain that person. The more you will explain , more difficult it would be to come from this web of guilt. Better you maintain some distances.
  • Stay away from that person. You can’t be puppet in his or her hands. You have your ethics and way to live life.
  • Find someone with whom you can get along and share your feelings.

Your mental peace is most important than anything in this world. This is just a false guilt feeling. Believe me , it is not you who is wrong but the other person is responsible for this situation.

Stop worrying about the present situation. Concentrate on something productive and move forward in life leaving behind all such scars !

I hope you find the this post helpful in your struggling or challenging life situation. You are not alone in this world. There are many who are facing the same. Here are the few more ways to come out from false guilt trap. Check it out!

Looking forward to read your opinions.

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Aurora M

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  1. ginia

    Feeling of excessive guilt is often a sign of anxiety. It is best to keep away from people who love to allocate guilt and blame. specially if you are anxiety prone.

  2. anjalisk96

    You know this is like one of those things that should be talked about more but isn’t. Really good post!

  3. momtasticworld

    This is a well-written post and should be shared enough so it reaches to everyone who really needs to read this and learn something.

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