Be at your peace of mind

Throw out the anger , grudges , jealousy or a bad incident from your mind to think fresh and be at your peace. There is lot of good waiting for you !

Aurora M

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  1. mahekg

    I know so difficult to follow at times but it’s imperative to do it for yourself.

  2. Menaka Bharathi

    Its so difficult but not impossible though, I tell this to my kids and make them follow a five minute mindfulness session just to detox their anger. well I am successful as of now

  3. Sweetannu

    Peace of mind is difficult to attain however we cannot stop trying to be happy.

  4. simritbedi

    It is very difficult to practice sometimes but you are right, for your own peace of mind, you need to let go of anger! #simritreads #MyFriendAlexa

  5. Narinder Bhatia

    I agree. Self-care should always be our priority for attaining peace of mind. The first step towards good self-care is to do away with negativity in us and what better way than to give away negative and self-damaging thoughts.

    1. trendtofit

      It is difficult to attain but it’s important to have. Stress kills creativity & productivity.

  6. arv!

    This is an important tip. Holding up grudges only creates problem for us and makes no difference to the other people.

  7. Shweta Suresh

    That’s an extremely good piece of advice but one that I have severe difficulty in following! It’s better to let go of things that we have no control over.

  8. Ruchie

    I loved the series you are sharing and I try to keep calm at times but its really tough sometimes!!

  9. Priyal

    It’s so difficult to do this, but sometimes we have to do because nothing is impossible if we want to.

  10. Adi Sathe

    yaar it’s very difficult task to keep always in mind…

  11. Ruchie

    This is actually needed to be done but practically it’s difficult

  12. ritecontent

    we all need to practice keeping calm and being peaceful!

  13. anjalisk96

    We should always try to keep the negativity at Bay. A healthy person includes a healthy mind too after all!

  14. aditi

    Peace of mind is essential to lead a happy life. Try to throw negative thoughts out of your mind and feel the pleasure of being happy.

  15. Cureandjoy

    Yes you are absolutely right but the most important question is how to do it. Thanks for sprinkling positive vibes

  16. thepbkhadka

    Peace is all we need. ❤️
    Great Writing ✨
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