I am talking to the wind

Poem,love, wind ,feelingsSlowly it passes around me
Touching my cheeks
I could feel a kind of satisfaction
That someone is near by me

I don’t utter a word
Still it listens to me
Fills my heart with joy
Taking away all my worries

I could feel the love
That it carries alongwith
When it passed by
those couple so sweet

I look up the sky
And see clouds passing by
I wish , I could send message
To my love living far away

Not even for a minute
I blink my eyes
As I am in love with the dream
Deep within me which lies

I am happy and smiling
But missing your presence
Waiting for you to come back
Counting these long lonely days

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  1. Its wonderful how you are so good with words, making each line mean something so important and meaningful. Keep writing.

  2. Love the part about sending a message to loved ones living far away. I actually tend to think of my family (living half a world away) when I look up at the night sky, but clouds are such a fitting image, too!
    Lovely poem!

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