Does age restrict us to make new friend ?

Few days back I saw this question being discussed on the social media. This initiated a thought process in my mind. Does age is an hindrance in the way of making new friends ? (I really want to know what’s your opinion. Do write in comment section in the end of post)

Does age restrict us to Make Friends? , friendship in older age ? Is it difficult to make friends in older age?

As a child we are always looking for a company to have fun and learn new things. As we grow up , this need of learning new things fades and we start enjoying are own company. Hence we prefer to be happy with what we have. This stands true for friends too. We don’t feel a need for a company .

At young age ,we accept the person as friend as they are without any expectations. We don’t see faults, how they look like , family status even gender. Friends means a person with whom we can be what are.

Age changes are thought process. We become more concerned about outcomes. As a result we find it difficult to get connected with a person emotionally. As the purpose get solved , we move forward leaving behind the friendship.

Getting out from our own comfort zone is a big challenge. Adjustments with other people is not that easy with age.

Like minded people are hard to find. Your thoughts , action , way of living life , your concept of life , food and many more things that connect us with others. It is not easy to get matched.

Social anxiety could be other reason . As an adult facing a society creates a confusion within us. What the society will think about me ? Will I be accepted? Such questions creates a conflict within us. I think we should live for ourselves not for society.

Our past experiences hold us back from making new friends. Once a person had a bad experience always be afraid to start a new one.

Hence there is nothing weird. It is pretty normal. As people grow older they start weaving a layer after layer around themselves. Reaching to them , crossing through those layers is difficult for another person. These layers act as an insulation which does not allow the new people to reach at your heart.

What is your opinion about it? Are you a person who can make friends at any age or age restrict you to make friends in older age???

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  1. dpranita583

    I like to make new friends in any age. No any problem of age, education, economic status ,or any diversity. Nice topic you have chosen.

    1. msarora

      Thanks Pranita ! Indeed this is a good quality you are having. We learn a lot from new friends.

  2. Zenobia Kapadia

    Oh my gosh! Loved hearing your opinion on it. Personally, I’ve realised that the only “friends” that I have are all who I’ve met as a child. There are very few people who I’d consider a friend who I met as an adult. You are right about social anxiety and bad experiences. I have suffered from both and this really does hamper my ability to emotionally connect with another person. So glad you shared this!

  3. anjalisk96

    I think it’s more like, it’s not that age that restricts us, but the more complicated circumstances around an adult that may make it more difficult that it is for an adult.

  4. Paolo B.

    A very interesting question. I know most of my close friends are from childhood and who I grew up with so I do think making friends is less frequent as one gets older. Also I find we meet less new people when we are older too so mighht be a factor as well. When we are young we meet new people who we are made to interact with daily through school, university etc. Once out of that it is very easy to not meet new people or have opportunities to. Aside from school work is another place I feel people make friends when they are older. When you have a lot of friends or more responsibility as adult it’s also harder to have time spend with new friends. Good topic thanks for sharing!

  5. I think is harder… for example, I left my country 3 years ago, since I am moved, I have not managed to find a real good friend. Just people trying and make a fool out of me, or for unknown benefits, like always helping with work etc. I always miss my friends, but also, being far away from them I can see our friendship is not as strong as it was, unfortunately…

  6. Jina Bazzar

    I used to make friends easier when I was younger.

  7. At 38, the age I am at now- I will admit, I do not reach out to make friends. If friendships happen gradually, I’m okay with that.
    And most importantly Colleagues are not friends, neighbors are not friends…they are all people we interact with. Friends are special, really special.

  8. ezee shad

    I think am having a heck of hard time making close friends, most of my friends from way back are married now and it can be hard to catch up with them anymore but even then it seems am on a “no new friend” regime un intentionally ?

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