When you need to hide your emotions

There are many situations come in our  life when we have to hide our emotions. Hiding the emotions sometimes is not easy. Your face tells exactly what you are going through.

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Hiding the emotions sometimes is not easy. It is hurting and painful , still one has to do at times. 

Should we hide what we are feeling???

Yes , at times. You can not take your worries and problems to your work place and vice versa. Exploding your feelings at wrong place and wrong time can worsen the situation. In such case you must wait for the right moment.

Hiding the emotions is important in certain positions e.g if you are announcing the names of contestants in a competition. You can not bring a positive or negative expressions on your face.

Is hiding the emotions or feelings is difficult?

For some it is very easy. There are people who are always give a blank expression. They know how to maintain neutral face expressions. You can’t judge by their body language or face.
You must have seen an employee coming out from the Boss’office appears perfectly happy or normal giving you no idea what has happened in the closed cabin. May be that person has got good scolding from the boss , yet comes out very normal. Such people are good at hiding emotions. On the other side, there are people who comes out from the office with wet eyes as they are poor at hiding emotions. They express the same through their face as they are feeling.

Hide only to get away from unwanted situation

Do express when you are full of emotions and convey your feelings. Say it now as you never know you get an other chance. Not every time you have to hide your emotions.
You have to do so when you know the situation may get worse. There are times when people may take the advantage of your feelings to fulfil their motives. In such a case you must know how to hide your emotions.

PS – Whether to express or hide your emotions depends on the situation. You are the best judge of your life. Hence decide yourself what you want to do.
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  1. Oristel Guenael

    I do agree with you about the hardship a person might face while hiding the emotions, and that it’s so sad to hide or emotions. But like you said, we cannot take our burdens, issues, tears, and all different shades of emotions, to work or to an unknown place, or like the public place……and it is also sad that we have to have the need to hide out true emotions! Great post!

  2. TheDailySunlight

    This is so important and thoughtful. I love this post. Most of us find it hard to hide our true emotions and therefore bring out a “fake smile” or such.

  3. lafrieda40

    Great read! This is absolutely right. I am guilty of showing my emotion on my face all the time when Im mad or impatient. Ive been told by my dad Im like my 7 year old neice which we dont look excited during an event but show excitement after its over…lol.

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