Why can’t surprise be a surprise for someone?????


Sometimes I feel surprised  that how can some people have no liking for surprises or they  don’t know the purpose of surprise ???

Do they have some problem Or they don’t know to express themselves when they get surprise???

Off course we all know……

The purpose of surprise  is to make someone feel happy and wanted.

It really hurts when you give a surprise to your loved one and he/ she does not react at all


Whether you  like it or not…
Whether you want it or not….
I think you should be thankful to a person who has spent hours and hours to make you feel special with a surprise.
You should appreciate in reciprocal.

Think of a husband who  laid a table for his wife and when she gets up ,she goes straight to take a shower as she is getting late for the office. While going she simply takes a sandwich without noticing much about his sweetheart efforts and says “thank you”.What kind of feeling the poor fellow would have gone through??? His expectations was different as he put a lot of effort for this surprise!!!

Think of a girlfriend who wants to surprise his man by presenting him a shirt on his birthday and what he replies”Oh,isn’t it too dark for me?” Or “I think you would have got a better price from that store.”Who is asking for explanation and suggestions for the surprises???

Just chill

enjoy the surprise

and appreciate. Feel happy……



Pic source: Google( edited by me)

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  1. Jeni G.J

    I like the letter and the bag..thank you for the surprise??

    1. msarora

      Feeling Happy as you liked the surprise!!!????

  2. chaos-xd

    Haha.. perfectly on point!!
    I’ve had quite a few incidents where I’ve been left feeling terrible after I’ve given someone a surprise! ??

    1. msarora

      I has happened with me too and and felt so bad ?

  3. sakshi~the escapist

    God! Tell me about it!?No one understands unless and until they go through same. Thanks for the lovely gifts?I’ll pick the red heels.??

    1. msarora

      Great…..so you liked this surprise!!you have chosen something really cool??.

        1. msarora

          Thanks for the appreciation ??

  4. Regina

    Im going to let my husband read this. He’s the worst when it comes to accepting gifts. He’s so cheap, especially when it is something for him. He always asks, “how much did this cost?” And I am crestfallen.

    1. msarora

      I can understand your feelings dear… though it is difficult to change someone’s perception but if he understands the importance of appreciation, it would be great achievement !! Best of luck from my side….be happy and stay blessed??

  5. aspirantgoth

    Interesting read. Would you mind visiting my site and give feedback on how i can make it better? Thank you?

    1. msarora

      Hi…just visited your site,read your poems and commented there. I found that you have written your about page. It’s important as people come know about you and your blog and feel connected. Hope it will you??I liked your content so followed !!!

      1. aspirantgoth

        Thank you for ur advice. Thank u for following as well. 🙂 i will post some of my song composition next time and im looking forward to receive feedbacks.. have a great day and enjoy writing! ?

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