Get connected – A way to overcome your anxiety

Most of the time the feeling of loneliness surrounds me in a way that I find difficult to come out it. People are around me, but nobody seems interested in me. Nobody cares for me. I spent hours and hours in my bed. The days seem too long, and the night even longer than the day. I picked up my book to read, but I was not able to do so. I thought to watch my favourite show, but that also did not work for me. Lots of unwanted thoughts were going in the back of my mind. Some about…

Dreaming eyes #poem

Dreaming eyes #poem

Don’t let your eyes stop dreamingDon’t let your dreams disappearGet them tossed with your passionLet dream n passion turned to reality Greet with smile those who are jealousWhy to care what is in their mindCome out from your comfort zoneGo…

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