Isolate Yourself

When you are sad and aloneIsolate yourselfFrom all those feelingsThat bring you down andTear you apart.When people doubt about youAnd laughIsolate yourself andShield yourselfFrom those foolish mindsThat doesn’t knowAbout your strong heart.When others are jealous of youIsolate yourselfAnd welcome that criticismbecause it will make them more frustratedAnd save you from further harm. Daily word Prompt- Isolate This blog post is part of...

Don’t be afraid to ask for support

In every second of our lives, we are surrounded by forces who care about us. Air, nature around us, our friends, a family friend, a colleague, a teacher, above all the Supreme Power !!!Most of the times this support is already present. But sometimes, in different stages of life, we have to look for it….! There is nothing wrong with asking for someone’s help..Remember when you were a kid and asked a friend for a note copy to finish your notes so you wouldn’t get scolded by your teacher???So why are we hesitant as we grow older??? It doesn’t bring us down rather help us to come out the dilemma or confusion. This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla.’