When you are loved

Can you share a positive example of where you’ve felt loved?

“When you are loved, you feel blessed “

Indeed there are moments in our life when we feel loved and cared. Sometimes these moments get unnoticed because we are so busy and entangled in our inner emotions.

When I thought of writing this, nothing came in mind. Was it I never loved or cared! It was then my daughter told me to think consciously with gratitude. There must be a something happened recently that has made me special. Then I recalled how my husband treats me many a times making me feel special, be it a cup of tea ! The warmth of love from my kids !!! How is it me reading with the light switched on late on !

Isn’t it bizarre how a simple pack of Maggi can ignite a sense of self-love? It’s not just a bowl of noodles; it’s a warm embrace, a culinary hug that whispers, “You are loved.”

It’s time we spill the beans on those quirky moments when we find love in the most unexpected places. So go ahead, let your guard down, and confess in the comments below. When did an everyday pleasure make you feel adored, cherished, and downright special? Share the escapade and let the love flood in!

Says LifeMarbles.

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