Why to choose your child’s name carefully?

Write about your first name: its meaning, significance, etymology, etc.

Name of a person is our first identity in this world. We are being called by our name and hence, be careful and thoughtful while choosing the name for your baby.

My first name is short, sweet and has derived from Sanskrit word – Meen. In our culture name is decided by Spiritual Gurus , Holy Books and according to the position of various planets and other celestial bodies.

The word Meen means in Sanskrit is Fish. The name Meenu or Meena Or Minakshi means a girl with fish like sharp eyes. When searched on Wikipedia, I came to know the meaning of this word Meen in other languages too.

Almost similar pronunciation of this word in Dutch means ( don’t get confused with mean or meen), sweet, dear, darling, quiet.

Though this name isn’t very common these days specially in kids. The parents these days try to find unique name. The search a lot internet and many languages before deciding their names .
How is name decided in your culture? I would love to read. Write in this comment box .

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