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Are You too In The Battle Of Thoughts

Sometimes I wonder from where and how these thoughts come up in our minds. It’s as if they emerge from the deepest recesses, like delicate tendrils the light of our consciousness. Some thoughts are like blooming flowers, their vibrant petals unfurling with grace and beauty. They bring us joy and inspiration, filling our hearts with a sense of wonder.

But then there are those thoughts that feel like unwanted weeds, sprouting where they shouldn’t. They creep into our minds without invitation, entwining themselves around our thoughts and emotions.

These thoughts can be suffocating, their tendrils squeezing tightly, draining us of energy and leaving us feeling empty. Never let intrusive thought empower you. The man is always in the battle of hundreds thousands every second.

These webs of thoughts on the wall of my mind always put in confusion. Some thoughts are fleeting, like whispers in the wind, while others linger, taking root and shaping our beliefs and actions.

Our thoughts can spark creativity, drive innovation, and forge connections with others. They have the power to shape our reality and transform our lives. While some will lead to the darkest of the time where our release is always questioned.

So, embrace the beautiful thoughts that uplift and inspire you. Let them bloom and flourish, filling your life with color and joy. And as for those unwanted thoughts, remember that they too have their purpose. They can teach us valuable lessons about ourselves and the world around us. Through self-awareness and mindful introspection, we can learn to separate the weeds from the flowers, cultivating a garden of thoughts that nourish our souls.

So, let your thoughts take flight, explore new horizons, and may they always lead you to the beauty that lies within. Train Your Mind in a way that it brings out the best from you.

Contemplating the Battle of Thoughts

In the realm of intellectual clashes, where ideas clash like mighty warriors, one can only wonder: do you emerge victorious in this grand battle of thoughts? How good you are in this battle?

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  1. Felicia Nazareth

    The analogy of thoughts being like a garden is so beautiful. It’s a reminder that just like we care for plants, we should also nurture our thoughts. Sometimes, those little seeds of doubt or negativity can surprise us by blooming into valuable lessons, showing us the areas we need to work on. So, I’m all for tending to my thought garden with care and curiosity!

  2. memoryflies

    Thoughts are always with us whether you want it or not. It is something we can’t avoid. But yes, taking care of right thoughts at the right time is the action of call.

  3. Preeti Chauhan

    Aurora, this was a beautiful post. full of inspiration and positivity. We panic when we have persistent negative thoughts and fear that we will lose all control. The way you likened our mind to a garden where positive thoughts need to be nurtured and allowed to flourish and negative ones banished like weeds, appealed and simplified the idea.

    1. Aurora M

      Indeed weeds will be there with our plants but we need not to get panic because to these. Let’s pay attention to want we need and enjoy….

  4. Harjeet Kaur

    I am losing the battle. Clutching at straws but I am drowning. Mythoughts are overpowering me and driving me insane. I really want to channelize them positively but it’s not happening. I have seen too much pain and grief I guess thats why.

    1. Aurora M

      Battle may be difficult but present yourself as a challenge to them. Let these negative thoughts to come and go like the waves rise up and down , you keep your eye on your goal to your inner happiness. Dear Harjeet, believe me everyone is facing struggling in different ways , me too but I need to come out. You are amazing ! Sending lots of love and hugs to you.
      Have you ever tried some meditation or deep breathing?

  5. Rakhi Jayashankar

    While I was reading your post I was just carried away with the beauty of words. It was like floating with the wave of words. For a moment my involuntary thoughts stopped I was consciously and subconsciously entwined with your musings, if we can call them so. What a beautiful writer you are. I am in awe

  6. Outset Books

    Identifying the negative thoughts and switching them with positive ones is the best way to train your brain. The negative to positive transition is not easy but once we are trained this way nothing can affect us

  7. Flavia Cutinho

    Our thoughts can actually shape our lives. When we let our thoughts flourish we definitely can reach to big heights.

  8. Anjali

    The analogy of thoughts as a garden is captivating. It emphasizes the importance of nurturing our thoughts, just like we tend to plants. As you’ve beautifully put it, our thoughts influence our life’s journey, much like a battle. Welcome back, Lifemarbles!

  9. Kaveri Chhetri

    If only it were so easy… I am a thinker n unconsciously I end up delving into the realm of negative thots. It takes a great deal to move towards good thoughts.

    I really liked the analogy of flowers n weeds, how we must remove the weeds n only let the flowers bloom… so simply explained n so true!

  10. Sadvika Kylash

    It was really a feel good read. I am in a phase where things are just upside down. People who you think as your loved one dosent !
    Just see ahead and move until things fall into place

  11. Monidipa Dutta

    Your contemplation on the nature of thoughts is profound. The analogy of thoughts as blooming flowers and unwanted weeds is poetic. It reminds us of the constant mental battle and the importance of nurturing positive ones. Keep exploring the depths of consciousness! 🌼💭🌿🤔

  12. Jeannine

    I surely do have those moments of contemplation which makes me also think how these weird thoughts come by and why I would have such ones. It’s at most important to have a conscious mind and be mindful of how to stop whatever negative ones we have and focus more on the positive ones.

  13. Madhu Bindra

    I totally agree with you that unwanted thoughts also have their purpose. We usually try to run away or avoid them. Trying to handle them well is one of the truths of life.

  14. Sivaranjini Anandan

    fabulous @lifemarbles this post is awesome The way you have put seems to be healing and enchanting we should make a garden of flowers in us. Well said. 🤩

  15. Samata

    Dear Friend, I am in love with this post. From the start till end it made me feel good, positive and blessed. To me it’s an inspirational post which will enlighten many of us to look at life with positivity overlooking the negative thoughts which sometimes make an effort to create hindrances in the journey of life. You said it so well by connecting the garden full of flowers with our mind where we need to nurture and grow positivity to ensure we progress in life with confidence and self control. We have to pull out the negative thoughts and make life simple and blissful.

    Well it will be incomplete from my side if I don’t mention the beauty of your writing. Even the words used are so perfect, meaningful yet sounded so poetic to me. You are a blessed child and I wish you keep inking such wonderful pieces for us. Good bless you my friend. Keep inking and I will love to read you more.

  16. pamela

    This post was exquisite. positive and inspirational in abundance. Even though a battle may be challenging, present yourself as a threat to them. Keep your focus on achieving inner happiness while allowing these unpleasant thoughts to come and go like the waves. When we have persistently unpleasant ideas and worry that we won’t be able to control them, we panic. It was appealing and easy to understand the concept when you compared our mind to a garden, where good thoughts must be nourished and allowed to grow while bad ones must be pulled out like weeds.

  17. Rose Pais

    I am the queen of over thinking. My mind is constantly on the run! Nice read. One needs to train the mind to focus on happiness.

  18. karenkitchenblog

    Profound insight into thoughts.. positive and negative thoughts equally important but how we step forward with those is what is a skill in itself. Beautifully put together and inspiring post.

  19. karenkitchenblog

    Your profound insight on thoughts is amazing. Positive and Negative thoughts are equally important as per me. How we step forward is what matters and a skill in itself. Negative thoughts give us alertness and Positive thoughts give us courage and a good balance is what we need to master.

  20. Janaki

    Oh, always! Specially at night when I’m trying to sleep but not getting in. I like how you’ve described the thoughts….the descriptions look so real.

  21. Pooja Jha

    This always happens to me. the battle of thoughts like tine warriors. I always wish and hope the positive thought to grow an win. And also try to work on the negative thoughts dwelling up to brings back to normal.

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