My first Interview as a writer and a blogger

Blogger interviewYes , you read it right. Everyone remembers the first in the life , may it be love or job . Here I am going to tell you about my first interview as a writer and a blogger. 

I must thank the interviewer and Flyhiee for giving me this opportunity to express myself and share my experience with the world.

I was a little nervous too and it took sometime to reply. Finally I did it. I really enjoyed giving answers.

I think such interviews, as a blogger/ writer, gives you a chance to go through  your work. It is a platform where the the writer as person can interact with others and clearly tell the readers about his /her motive behind his writings.

If you really want to know me as a writer or blogger or as a person , do read the interview. You can ask me any question and I would be happy to interact with you.

Link to the interview here –

I am happy to be a part of this wonderful team of Flyhiee – flying with the wings of words.

Ms Arora??

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    1. msarora

      Thank you so much for this encouragement

      1. flyhiee official

        Pleasure to know about and to work with . You are such a kind and beautiful person .

  1. monablogs18

    First interview experience is memorable for everyone . Great to hear your story ?

    1. msarora

      Thanks Mona ! I am feeling so good after being interviewed.
      Thanks for the follow too. Happy to be connected with you ??

  2. Samreen

    Loved the interview, glad to connect with u on wordpress

  3. Discovering Life With Appie

    Thank you for sharing this its make me remind of my experience

    1. msarora

      I am glad that you felt connected.
      Thank you ❤❤

  4. Priyal

    First interview is always special ,I still remember my first interview too..a lifetime moment it is

  5. Congratulations for this milestone. As I always tell people, hard work truly pays off one or the other day. Great interview. I loved it personally.

  6. Adorable We

    First interviews are always daam nervousing but the most memorable one….You must have did a very good job and so you got it…

  7. sayeridiary

    Loved reading your interview. For bloggers recognition matters. It inspires and motivates to do more good work.

  8. prismaroundgurjeet

    Congratulations to you dear. My blogger friend first interview is life time experience. I know how it feels

  9. kavitha2320

    Firstly congratulations for a great oppurtunity to express yourself about your passion.. nice to hear and many more to come ahead.

  10. Dusky_by_nature

    Congratulations for your 1st interview that’s a great achievement. All the best for future.

  11. uttpalkhot

    Waah Waah. this is so impressive and motivating to all others. Way to go. Congratulations and loads of best wishes. ?

  12. yogitaamitjoshi

    When u are getting interviewed, it shows u r gaining success in ur field.. First inteview is always a mark of success

  13. flavorsofworld

    I love to here your experience .. First interview always memorable

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