Purpose of life


Full of life I was moving from pond to lake, lake to river, river to sea, sea to ocean.I was a part of water. The God painted me with different colours so that I may impart the beauty to nature. Jack, Micky, Nick along with their cousins used to meet me and feed me every morning.I was happy with my life in water playing hideand seek with my friends .I had my own ways to save myself from the eyes of my predators. But I had no way to save my life from the hands of  humans. Today as I have been served as an edible piece on his plate I am still happy as my death has served a purpose.

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  1. ivors20

    Oh dear, I know he served a purpose, but I feeling quite sorry for the fish

    1. msarora

      Thanks Malini for appreciation..

  2. Its a good read.. a strong statement for not killing something for food..
    On a side note..I think we often get tangled in moral questions when talking about “purpose of life”..where as it might be something simpler..the fish may have lived in sea and got eaten by big fish or died peacefully and eaten by benthic scavengers..so does that mean it’s real purpose was getting eaten only ? Or even better question would be that not being edible or usable.. when a human dies what purpose does it serve ?

    1. msarora

      A fish might be happy with its life but when it died…then also it was happy. What I feel the purpose of life for it is to be happy in all circumstances whether it is according to your wish or not. In spite of being such a small small life form it satisfied the hunger of the most super intelligent creation of God. The human too dies for a purpose. The purpose is to get mingle with nature and back to the five elements from which every new creation arise.

      1. The idea I got from the post was” Is taking life of someone to satisfy your hunger right ?”
        My comments were in that light..the moral question of whether the purpose of life is just to be someone’s food or not..
        What you have said is also right..the purpose of life being in cycle of coming from nature and getting back to it is also correct..but the point is simple we as intelligent human beings seek for a purpose of life but forget that other life forms are also entitled to that.

        1. msarora

          Offcourse not….!!!

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