Month: July 2017

Eradicate depression

When your thoughts overpower you And you give up yourself They turn into a horrible pest And known as  depression The more you try to fight with The more it spreads There is something called Inner power and positive thoughts…


Heal this  world Thy Lord As it is at the  stake of war Revive their ungratified minds Make their soul understand Out of this we will get nothing  No saviour seems to be visible  Yet my hope is never going…

Purpose of life

Full of life I was moving from pond to lake, lake to river, river to sea, sea to ocean.I was a part of water. The God painted me with different colours so that I may impart the beauty to nature….

Early Spelling and Writing

Early signs of learning disabilities and home support…by qualified Specialist Teacher Assessor accredited by the British Dyslexia Association and registered with the Professional Association of Teachers of Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties

A new beginning

  He buried his past beautifully leaving behind no scars Submitted himself for the future with his courage and grit The result was incredible and he came out as a dazzling star Via Daily prompt: bury / grit 

Today I am grateful…

Today I am grateful for my followers for inspiring me. Every person here is an inspiration for other. We all are following each other. We are sharing our stories, feelings,emotions on a common platform. Who knows how and  when our…

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