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Hello Guys !

I  know you must  be eagerly waiting for the next FRIDAY FEATURE  – A time to know about a new blogger friend.

You already know about…..

Friday Feature #1 and friday feature #2

This week in #FF3 , I am going to introduce a person who is a fitness freak and a good cook too. He is managing a wonderful blog with other social media accounts.

Officially, let me introduce to you the next blogger and the blog of the Friday feature.

         FRIDAY FEATURE #3

Blogger, friday feature post,blogging, fitness

Blogger’s Name  – Silverio Tufano

About him : Silverio is from Italy and living in Seattle at present. His dream is to live a healthy lifestyle and be fit in physical and mental terms which he has now turned into reality.

About his blog : As the name suggests, his blog is about men’s health, fitness and lifestyle. He has great ideas for those who want be fit and gain muscles or lose weight.
He also writes about the food which is good for your healthy.

Blogger , friday feature post, blogging,

Social Media Presence: He has a great instagram Page where he post the pics of latest food prepared by him. You can also keep yourself updated with his upcoming posts. He has started his YouTube channel and I am eager to see the recipes of delicious food made by him.

Fitness, blog, blogging, friday feature post

My visit to his blog : Great ! Lot of information for those who want to be fit and go gym to achieve the goal. I liked his idea of keeping fitness journal. I enjoyed reading about his first ever subscription box.

Congratulations and Good Luck Silverio

Proudly announce on your blog that you are now an important part of friday feature bloggers team #ffbt

I believe there will be many who will get inspiration from your journey of weight loss.
Follow him on your favourite social media if you want to be healthy, fit and smart.

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Be a proud blogger .


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  1. Silverio

    Thank you so much for this, it was unexpected and this made it more special.!

    1. msarora

      You deserve it. Congratulations and keep writing to inspire other people.

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