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Get connected – A way to overcome your anxiety

Most of the time the feeling of loneliness surrounds me in a way that I find difficult to come out it. People are around me, but nobody seems interested in me. Nobody cares for me. I spent hours and hours in my bed. The days seem too long, and the night even longer than the day. I picked up my book to read, but I was not able to do so. I thought to watch my favourite show, but that also did not work for me. Lots of unwanted thoughts were going in the back of my mind. Some about the past event, some about the event that has still not happened.

– an untold story

If these are the thoughts you’re also going through, it may be an early sign of anxiety or depression. To me depression is like a pest. If you’re able to recognize these early signs , you are lucky. Kill this pest before it shows its horrible face.
The next step is to incorporate few activities in your daily routine. These activities will help you to activate your brain to release the happy hormones in your blood.

Get connected to yourself with Guided Meditation

One of such activity that helped me a lot is Guided meditation. I would like you to introduce the voice that has a power of healing – Michael Sealey and his YouTube channel.

All his tracks are worth listening. I prefer to listen his guided meditation. I feel so connected with his voice. It has really helped me to overcome my anxiety , fears, anger and overthinking. I love to hear his deep sleep meditation, and how to overcome the overthinking mind. His deep voice and background music will keep you so relaxed throughout the track. I am sharing one of the Guided meditation from his lust. You can check more as per your need.

Guided Meditation to overcome overthinking

Hope it works for you too. If not, try something that works better for you. Believe me once you get connected with the healing wand of your life, You will start rejoicing everything around you. Just open your heart and mind and give them a way to reach you and calm your soul.

There is at least one thing in this world with whom you will surely get connected. May be the wind flowing in the fields, the vast dark sky with bright shining stars, the blooming flowers, the healing touch of someone, a… Share on X

If at any point of life you too have got over from such mental struggle, do share what worked for you

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