Countown Train of thoughts to #Year2020

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Believe me it is not only your friends who show you the best way to live life , even the strongest enemy of yours have a good lesson for your life. Learn that best lesson of your life from him. You can forget what you have learnt from your friend but the lesson your enemy can teach you is worth to get one step higher in competition of life !

This is my Post – 3 of the last month of year 2019Here the countdown begins with 28 days to year 2020 ! How have you grown mentally this year ? Do share in comment section. Have you ever tried to learn a lesson of life from the one whom you don’t like ?

Journey of life continues quotes- Day 2

You can even learn lesson of life frofrom the person whom you don’t like !

GROW MENTALLY STR9NGER FOR #YEAR2020 WITH ME THROUGH this new series on my blog #journeysays #year2020 #mentalhealth

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  1. lisa

    I have grown this year mentally. For me a lot of it is based on mediation. Stopping myself when my mind gets overloaded is important. Taking the time to focus on my meditation really helps in the slowing of my mind. I find at times people can be put in my path. A lot of times they carry the same message of look after yourself. This is a lesson I have really picked up on. The amount of time I dedicate to myself each day has doubled.

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