Countown Train of thoughts to #Year2020

This year 2019 , l learnt it is not wrong to be angry. Anger is natural emotion like other emotions. The best way is to recognise your anger and deal with it. This quote I have got from Pinterest. The blogger Catherine has beautifully written this post. Check it out here !

I would like to share the secret tip to control the anger and I am sure it would help you too in one way or other. Just three steps to not let the anger overpower you –

  1. Recognise your anger
  2. Focus on the anger
  3. Eliminate the anger

This is my Post – 2 of the last month of year 2019Here the countdown begins with 29 days to year 2020 ! How have you grown mentally this year ? Do share in comment section. Have you ever controlled your anger or does it overpower you ?

Journey of life continues quotes- Day 2

Don’t Let the anger overpower you !

this is wonderful guided meditation to overpower the anger



  hours  minutes  seconds


Growing Mentally for Year 2020

Image source – pinterest

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