When was the poet born?

I was walking through the woods
A cuckoo came and asked
Who are you?
I am a poet
When we’re you born ?
I was about to tell
Suddenly I stopped

Down the memory lane
I saw a man
Sitting under a tree
Feeling the cool breeze
He saw rainbow in the sky
I think it’s only then
The poet was born

I took a little pause
And thought of a broken heart
Trying to erase her memories
But still feel being attached
With this incomplete desire
Yes, it was then
A poet was born

Oh! I saw a little boy
Bare foot walking in the sun
Looking something to eat
In the pile of throw away
It clutched my heart
And it was then,
A poet was born

I saw my countrymen
Looking for peace
When the clouds of war
Forcing them to weep
I cry my  heart out
With such a feeling
A poet was born

When I saw the childhood
Getting wet in the rain
And making the sand castles
And playing with the waves
Running behind each other
Looking at their innocent faces
A poet was born

Walking through the woods
When I was lost in my thoughts
A cuckoo came and asked
When was the poet born?
I think, that time only
A poet was born…..!!!

When was the poet in you born????

Dedicated to all the poet who are always been a great inspiration for me.

Thank you all...

Via Daily prompt: clutch

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    1. msarora

      Thanks Anvesha for reading and appreciating.

  1. ivors20

    A wondrous piece of self inspirations and observations. And you made me think, “When was the poet born” … hmmm, … when I started feeling guilty about being so selfish with my own love being hurt, and began to realize that Carole was never going to recover from MS, and get my head out of the clouds, and really start thinking and caring about all her needs, but I can’t remember exactly when that day was, but I know there was a specific time when I started to write and share my story and hopefully try and help others through my words…

    1. msarora

      I can understand but we have no control on circumstances.I have felt your feelings for Carole in few of your poems.Yes, I believe that what we share ,do help others in one way or other. I always look forward to read your posts.

  2. CherishingFLo

    This was really beautiful and relatable. And made me want to self reflect on when the poem was born in my own heart!

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