Why do people find faults in others ?

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There are times in the life when we meet people who always keep themselves busy finding faults in others. The reason may vary from person to person. May be they want to prove themselves superior or they are not being capable enough to do something productive. Whatever the reason may be, You need not to worry. Keep doing your good work and move towards your goal.

Believe me you are the most beautiful soul. You have eyes and mind which do not see or think wrong for others. You have a beautiful soul ! You do not degrade others to get good grades for yourself. So be happy and enjoy your day 😊😊

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  1. A simple and lovely post! This is sad but true. I think everyone is capable of doing anything but they feel discouraged because of others. Sometimes people throw comments at you and spread negative vibes. but we got to stay strong. We can’t listen to each person and let that influence in our minds.

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