End is the beginning of something new !

After writing for 3 years on this blog – Journey of life continues, I have learnt that do what makes you feel special and happy. I learnt that every story has some lesson to learn. We are not alone in this world , there are many who are going through same situation. Every end has a new beginning in it. The seed itself has no idea that whole green is hidden in it.

It was an amazing experience as I started my very new journey of writing. Many a times I thought I must follow a niche to be successful here. But my heart always said me to write the words that have power to change the life of others or touch their hearts.

Many of my articles appeared in the Google search. I won many certificates, made good friends and the best was – WordPress team . Believe me I am not computer literate yet I did many of things on blog through wordpress tutorials.

It is hard for me to leave this blog and end up this Journey here. To achieve something bigger , I have to go. In the coming days ,may be because of some technical errors you may find little harder to find me here.

Dear Readers, I am going to start something bigger , something crazy . This is not possible without your support. So , be with me in new Journey of my crazy ideas….. under a new name. Be with me and keep showering your love. Nothing much will change except the name of the blog but I will be like this sharing my quotes, views , poetry to inspire myself and others in this Journey of life !!!!

Looking forward to see your best wishes and your support.

Keep smiling and stay blessed

Aurora M ( Journey of life continues)?

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    1. Aurora M

      Thank you Jyotirmoy for your continues support. It is little difficult task for me but I pray that it comes out well.

  1. Vincent Ehindero

    That’s nice. Thanks a lot. I love it!

    Would be happy if you could check out my blog as well. ?

    Thanks in advance.

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