The Burning Land

Burning land
No way to escape
Man played with nature
He covered the sky
With deathly orange cape

Pray to Lord!
Drop some mercy
In the form of rain
Save my beloved Earth
Relieve us from this pain

Nature alarmed many times but Man kept on ignoring. This is the result of not taking all his alarming tones seriously. A large part of ecosystem has been destroyed and may not be created in future. We have lost a part of earth.

Nearly 1 billion of animals have been killed and many of the species may never get their natural habitat ever !
Awake and realise the mistake….
One part of our Earth is burning. Stand together during this crisis !!!
Pray for Australia
Australia is burning

Image credit- Google

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    • Earlier nature used to give us alarms but we didn’t woke up. Now the bushfires in Australia has opened our eyes.
      True ! Much more devastating is yet to come if the Man will keep on his eyes shut.

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