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Month: January 2020

Happy 3rd blog anniversary to me !

Just a quick post on the very special day as I have completed 3 years of my blogging today !

3 year blogging journey,

Thank you for reading, sharing and passing by my blog.

Keep showering your love like this in this year too.

Let this Journey of life be continue to inspire others and fill your heart, mind and soul with positivity.

Thank you once again

Love you and God bless you !!!

Journey of life continues by Aurora M

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Beside the lonely lake

The world is sleeping
But I am awake
Lost in my dreams
Beside the lonely lake

I could see the dark sky
With shiny little stars
Telling me – Oh ! Dear
Forget your scars

You are the charm
Incomparable beauty
Second to none
Making us woozy

Wrap your arms around
The mute and mystic moonlight
Let your soul mellow
And radiate the shine and smile

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Life lemons to happiness

Some days in our lives feels so empty . It seems as there is nothing to do and you start feeling so lonely. May be empty days are those when you look for happiness but you don’t get it.

You want to cheer but does not know about what to cheer ?

You want to dance but feel like the song is lost !

You want to fly but can’t see the sky !
You want to open the lock of the happiness door but the key is lost !

Or may be the key is not lost !

It is with you only. May be you have forgot where have you placed.

It can be in your pockets hiding under your old crushed paper. Go and check on the kitchen shelf ,may be it is with in the cup in which you had your last coffee.
It can be lying in the garden where you went last week to get flowers for him.
Search around you or in you , I am sure it here, within your reach !!!
Do you know where did I get my lost keys of happiness 2 years back
??? Here

Next time when you feel lost or days make you feel empty or life gives you lemons, make lemonade !!! Take a sip of it and enjoy !!!

Go and hunt for those who have sent these lemons to you. Make a plan and squeeze the lemons in their eyes. After all they too deserve these lemons.

Take out the lemon zest and bake the cake and forget about the world. Put the pic in your status and make them jealous.

Do the lemon dance with music on ! Let the adrenaline rush in your blood!

So , what are your plans with these lemons of life ??? Can you suggest some interesting title for this post ?

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The Burning Land

Burning land
No way to escape
Man played with nature
He covered the sky
With deathly orange cape

Pray to Lord!
Drop some mercy
In the form of rain
Save my beloved Earth
Relieve us from this pain

Nature alarmed many times but Man kept on ignoring. This is the result of not taking all his alarming tones seriously. A large part of ecosystem has been destroyed and may not be created in future. We have lost a part of earth.

Nearly 1 billion of animals have been killed and many of the species may never get their natural habitat ever !
Awake and realise the mistakeā€¦.
One part of our Earth is burning. Stand together during this crisis !!!
Pray for Australia
Australia is burning

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