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Earth has found her own way to healing

She was struggling hard
For her survival
She requested
Again and Again
Not to exploit her
Every bit of her
Was gone worst
Her beauty was destroyed
Her soul was shattered
She was badly trapped
All the waste
On her face
Enough is enough
She gathered courage
With all her force
She stood up again
No more
You mean Humans
You stay in cage
Be ready for worse
This is your curse
I will find my way
You just stay away

Earth has found
Her own way to heal

Now is the time
For Earth to revive..
Now is the time
For birds to fly
Now is the time
To learn a lesson
Now is the time
Not to repeat mistakes
If we want to make
Our future safe

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  1. sinjanag

    Mother Earth has been quite upset with us.. the continuous attack even during the pandemic with record-shattering cyclones, floods and locust attacks say it all 🙁

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