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Time to say Goodbye 2020 and welcome 2021

Good Bye 👋 Says 2020 !

I am going,
I am Year twenty twenty
pardon me , please !
Your hate is natural
What I Snatched, that is a lot,
From children to father,
From sister to brother,
From wife to husband,
Don’t know how many relationships
Your business, your relaxation, your happiness,
The list is long,
There is anger, resentment,
It is a wish of all
when will you go , Year2020 ???
When will you sleep peacefully
So, I am going
Says Year twenty twenty!

But remember, I have also returned a lot,Clear water to rivers ,
The trees are greener,
Waterfalls in mountains
Homes to homeless birds,
Beats to the hearts
Meaning to life,
Love and relationships,
Flowers in gardens,
Winter snow,
Cool summer winds,
Rain to the drought,
Seasonal gifts to life,
Remember to keep
After every defeat there is victory,
With message , I am going
Says Year twenty twenty

No sorrows you remember

Remember happiness ,

what you have learned,
Keep it with you
Dear humans, with nature
Do not play anymore
The world belongs to everyone,

Not much, little is needed ,
Greedier life,
Was needed to change,

New happy year
Two thousand twenty one is nearby, May the year be full of happiness and prosperity
With new beginnings , I am going

Says, year twenty twenty!!!

By Unknown

Edited – Lifemarbles 💕💕

What all you remember about year 2020 ??? Express in one line !!!!

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