Good bye Teen Year 2019

Finally we are ready to say good bye to one more year. A teen year !!! Yes, the last teen year i.e. 19 ( nineteen) as the next is going to be 2020.

Happy new year, welcome 2020, new year quote

This transition from teen year to the year of maturity 2020 will be witnessed only once in our lifetime. This expects a lot from us as we are mature and supreme kind of this planet called Earth.

It comes with responsibility to a better human beings who knows right conduct, patience, tolerance with more of feelings leading to the safe future in all aspects. This supreme kind has opened the door to AI ( Artificial intelligence), AR ( Augmented reality) , VR ( Virtual reality). Domination of these man made emotions has suppressed the real world emotions. Imagination in terms of technology has widen its wings in the sky but lost way of humanity.

Year 2020, brings a hope that we will be more mature in our thinking where we will find the solution to all those problems which may bring the end of this world more closer to us.

Every year add a bundle of joys and learnings of life to our luggage. At the same time it opens the door to new opportunities and new skies to soar high. I remember my this post when I first discovered blogging and said good bye to Year 2017.

Today when the whole world is saying Sayonara to this teen year 2019, let’s pray together for peace , harmony, positivity , love and all such feelings and emotions flow through our souls. May our planet Earth be a better place to live. May the real world exist with real emotions ,real friendships , and true relationships.

With lots of love and happiness this Journey of life continues….Aurora M

Happy New Year to all of you !!!

Let’s wish each other on this day to build a strong WordPress Community….waiting for your lovely new year messages in comment section