A dream to reach that star

A Dream To Reach That Star

The sun was ready to hide in the blanket of dark clouds. I could see the birds flying back to their homes. Standing near the window of kitchen I amazed how the dusk was slipping into the dark night.

I loved to see through the window of my kitchen while preparing dinner. I was putting her favourite rice curry in the plate when I heard a loud sound from the drawing room.
I left the plate on the shelf and ran towards the direction of sound.

It was the sound of the fallen table.

She was playing with some cardboard rolls and few boxes. I stood there to see what she was up to. With her little hands she made the fallen table stand upright. She was trying to arrange everything in one particular way. I could see some old newspapers lying near her too.

I could not resist more and asked her My little darling! What are you trying to make it out ? “
She quickly turned her head towards me and smiled ” Daddy , My teacher has told me about Chandrayaan today. ”
You mean to say you are making your own Chandrayaan !” I laughed.

“No daddy ! I am making my own Starcar ”

I was not able to understand her reply. I had never seen her doing such things before. Trying to know more , I continued ” Is it your new class project ? I can help you out “

She nodded her head and again started fiddeling with the things.

“So , what are your plans with your Starcar ?” I continued.

Daddy , When it will be ready , I will sit in this Starcar and go to that bright star to meet my mom. You told me that she has become star. She must be living there alone. She will be happy to see me there.”

Hearing her innocent words, I held my tears back and hugged her.

Throughout that night I kept of thinking that one bright star shining all alone in the dark sky.

Can you suggest some other name to the story???

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