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It was a hot sunny day but that was no reason for me to not attend that meeting. I booked my cab as usual and put all important papers in my bag. My phone beeped once. It was my message tone hence I understood that the cab has arrived. I could see a car standing on my gate.

I hurriedly entered into and sat on the seat. I could feel the nice smell of perfume in the car. . I could see the young , smart guy sitting on the driving seat, nicely dressed up. He confirmed the destination from me. As he got the confirmation, he pressed his foot which was on the race immediately.

After few minutes,he got a call from someone. He was giving some kind of suggestion.  The way he was explaining the things , gave a hint that he was well educated and had good knowledge of his subject. Out of curiosity I started the conversation with him.

“Since how long you driving cab ?”
“Last month only ! Any problem mam  ?”
May be he thought he was driving rough.
No no…. ! ” perfectly fine.
“Are you from here only ?”
“No mam , I am from near by village

A silence persist for sometime and his voice broke that silence as if he had lot in his mind which he wanted to share .

“Actually Mam, my father has very good business there in village. We are having our own shop. The best is ours is the best shop to buy footwear and the only shop in the village.”

“Uhh! Great ! Then why did you not helped your father in the business ” I was little afraid too as  I  had no right to ask something personal .

He made an eye constant  through the mirror on the top and started

“Actually, Mam I don’t like to sit on the shop throughout the day. Being a single boy in the family my father wanted me to join bussiness , not a job in far away city.
 Moreover , for me ,  sitting with him all  day long and listening to his talks is very difficult for me.
So I decided to drive for Uber. Atleast I Can get a chance to move around the city  and not to be answerable to all his questions. “

“Are you happy with this job ? I mean there must be lot of profit in your business as you are telling me ? Isn’t?” I smiled

He laughed ” May be  ! But I am enjoying this too at this moment.  May be later I think about it.”

He was comfortably replying me so , I asked one more immediately.

“What is qualification ? as I really wanted to know.

“I have done engineering. “

His answer left me in the deep waters of thoughts. I couldn’t relate how can a boy who has done engineering be a cab driver. The parents who had spent the money on the education of their child are now not letting him to do the job as per his qualification? Is running a family business is wrong ? Or the young generation want to run away from the families ? May be he wanted to explore the city life ? I am still not been able to  find the right decision . This ride of life will remain with me as an mystery of  young life.

What do you think could be the reason for his this decision? In your opinion why this young man would have this decision? Are you agree ?

Ms Arora ??

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  1. anjalisk96

    No matter how much our parents decide things we know they are with our best intentions at heart , but sometimes you gotta let that person choose his or her path. This was really nice. Great post!

    1. msarora

      Thanks Anjali for reading and appreciating

      1. anjalisk96

        Your posts are really good! Keep writing and I will keep reading!

        1. msarora

          Aww???thank you…
          You made my day??

          1. anjalisk96

            Happy to know that!

  2. the nchanting whispers

    The story is nice and I can sense your amazement with the choice of the driver . I think family business is a no for him , an engineering job will pay meagerly , and driving a car for a reputated company with good salary is better than running 24/7 in a private job .

    1. msarora

      May be ! Hope he knows what he exactly want to do in his life. May be gives him a new way to think about life.

  3. Neha Sharma

    I love your post, not just because it speaks of parental expectations versus personal dreams, but also because it speaks of the sad condition of engineering education in our country. I do not intend to undermine the job of a driver in any way but one thing that is definite here is that being a cab driver isn’t the optimum usage of an engineer’s skillset. Hope things change soon!

    1. msarora

      Exactly! I mean is the education not providing the opportunity to the Youth. If not , then is this education is worth while ???
      Lots of aspects are there to think about.
      Anyways, thanks for reading and expressing your thoughts.

  4. Umeshkumar Tarsariya

    I glad to know that he is following the voice of his heart. Might be it’s confusing to know that being a engneer he drive cab.. but as a gujarati. I know he will inovate something new and will become successful business man as his father is… After all he follows his dream.

    1. msarora

      Hope so ! Liked the way you see the things in a positive way.

  5. mommytincture

    Had I read this story a decade back, I would have mocked this cab driver for his choices. But now I know better. People make choices that seem bizarre to us, but for them it is there way of finding a balance. This guy clearly has no dearth of money. His need is beyond the bread and butter. More power to his risk taking abilities.

  6. Suchita

    It always amazes me how many people study one thing but their profession is rarely the same. But I also think any education or experience we have always comes in use, at one time or another.

  7. Gunjan Upadhyay (@gungrg)

    This is the reality there are many who study something but end up being in another field altogether. but what hold importance is how we mould ourselves to learn new things and keep improving ourself

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