The hidden truth behind the truth

Recently I have come to know many wonderful bloggers through the My Friend Alexa campaign run by the Blogchatter.  Manas Mukul who runs a blog The Contemplation of Joker is one of them. His writings are wonderful. Recently he has written a beautiful story – When I tell the truth. A short fictional story.  This story is the inspiration behind my this poem. Do read the story so that you could relate this poem.

Poem , A hidden truth , love poem

Deep inside was a heart
That was filled with guilt and grief.
She masked her feelings
Which were hidden in the deep

She wanted to express
How happy she is to know this
But she buried her emotions 
As she can never be his

Their worlds were different
And so does their words
Did not understand each other
Oh ! Moved sadly ,Poor love birds


Joker…..! Didn’t understand
The joke of this miserable life
She was his and he was hers
But this moment was not right.

Ms Arora??

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  1. Manas Mukul

    Wow… I am spellbound and speechless. Never ever imagined my words…the words of a Joker can work as an inspiration.
    Amazing crafted poem which is perfectly timed as an ode after my story.
    Really humbled and amazed. The irony continues… There is someone inspired by my work and all I know is a last name of hers.
    Keep flying… More power to you.

  2. Peter Adewumi

    Ms Arora, long time! There is always a truth hidden behind every truth. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Peter Adewumi

        You’re welcome. More strength to your elbow.

  3. Peter Adewumi

    A great poem! Such is life. A mixture of good and bad, a mixture of joy and downs.

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