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The Deep Depth

Short story, Science fiction,  The Deep depth
Enter into World of Unprediction

Anna was so terrified as she got up from her bed. She was drenched with sweat and fear. Unable to understand whether She had a dream last night or was it happened in real?

She picked up her mobile to see the time. She swiped on the screen to open the lock when she realized she had a strange mark on her right thumb. Almost the same she saw in her dream while chasing that strange shadow.

“Anna, Are you ready ??” She heard the voice from outside. She was Jenny , her best friend.

“No, you go. I’ll be late today.”

She got off her bed and went to wash her face. Everything around her was looking different even she ,herself.

It was already too late to go to college. So she moved out in search of fresh air. She felt strange kind of pulsating pain going through each and every vessel of her body. She was feeling being stretched between earth and the sky.

She sat down on a bench near the light pole to get a relief. That garrulous creature was flashing again and again in front of her eyes. With a twitch in her thumb , the mark turned blue and she could hear those strangest sounds more prominently.

“Anna !!!! What are doing here ?” Girl, I was worried to see you not there at home. I called Jenny too. She told me you didn’t go to college. You left home without telling me ???? Said Mom.

She was trying to get up but there was something that that was holding her to that bench and pain was unbearable now.

Suddenly she got up with a jerk as a football hit her feet. She threw the ball back to the boy and left with her mom thinking of last night.

(to be continued )

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  1. Mason Bushell

    Bit of a scary night there. Well written story.

    1. Aurora M

      Ahhh ! I did it if you felt like that🙂 Actually after a long time I tried writing story. Thanks for your comment and read

      1. Mason Bushell

        You did well. I like writing scary there are so many great ways to make something feel eerie.

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