Impact of Social Media on our lives

Life is meant to enjoy at its fullest. What does enjoyment means to us.It means to play all day and night for a child. To roam about, travel , eat , sleep, drink are the few ways to enjoy the life. There are some new modern ways to enjoy life and find happiness in life. That includes watching favourite serials and movies on Netflix,Playing new interesting games online,posting pictures on Facebook,Twitter , creating stories on Instagram and Snapchat. This is not limited to kids and teenager but middle age also and even older people are also fond of this and had fallen in this Social Media Love.

Impact of Social Media Love on our lives

Social media obsession, social media obsession, journey of life continues

There is no harm  falling in any kind of love till it does not affect your real life , relationship and physical and mental health. I have seen couples and families going for a dinner and instead enjoying their meals they are busy on their mobile phones, clicking pics and updating their status – ” Dinner with my sweet family or my love” .


The food is on their table but they are making a video on Insta or Snapchat , finally waiting for Likes or Views. Sometimes they even wait to cross their last post views or comment or likes. In this process they forget the to enjoy the life in real means. These likes , tweets, comments, views, status, stories have become our lifelines.

Social Media Obsession

Social Media Addiction, Social Media Obsession, journey of life continues

Internet is both a boon and a curse for our lives. Rather it is true in every case. Everything is boon when used in limits e.g. sugar and salt both are important for our metabolism , when consumed in limits,over the limit leads to diabetes and high blood pressure .One should enjoy everything in limit.

People who remain active on these medias are sometimes get obsessed with it. They check their phones after every few minutes to check the latest updates on various Social Media Platforms. This is called Social Media Obsession. Their mind can’t think more than these numbers. Sometimes they get so obsessed with these stats that they forget what is happening around them. This can be hazardous for their physical and mental health and sometimes they can lose their precious lives too.


I remember the incident happened where few friends were going for a drive. They made live Snapchat video. After a few minutes of posting this video online , their car met with an accident and they lost their lives.

Do you have a Social Media Addiction ?

It is high time that you should pay attention towards your habits and usage of social media to know about your addiction . Are you really obsessed with Social Media ?

Social Media Addiction, Social Media obsession

Here is a simple way to know about it. Take this Quiz just now before it becomes too late.

Why do I need to overcome Social Media Obsession / addiction ?

Yes, It is really important for you to overcome this addiction because it will never let you to be you in real life situations.  Your happiness will revolve around your online social profiles only. You real friends will be replaced by your virtual friends. This will lead to less social interaction. Your whole thinking process will be changed. You will not be able to take your own decisions. This is a kind of situation where your mind is working but not according to you, rather it will be under the control of your virtual personality .

What should I do to if I am obsessed with Social Media ?

You can not suddenly switch off your all Social Media profiles, delete all the accounts and apps from mobile.The effort has to be gradual. There are many ways to do so. One of the best to start with is SOCIAL MEDIA DETOXIFICATION which I will discuss in my next Post.

Till then think over it and share your views in comment section. Do you feel us toxifiying our relationships and our lives?

Ms Arora ??

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    1. msarora

      This is really great. That means you are actually enjoying the life in true spirit. ??
      Thanks for this motivation for me and others.

      1. I do have a lot of free time than a lot of people, it actually helps me to do something creative.

        1. msarora

          Lovely ! Just visited your site. Loved your contact page. Do share how you feel life is without social media profiles.
          You can share here or can contact me through my contact page.
          My next post is about this only.

  1. CherishingFLo

    My boyfriend and I talk about social media and the impact it has on our lives all of the time. It really helps us focus on being together and spending QUALITY time with the people we care about. Social media, like most things, is meant to be used in moderation. This is a great post!

  2. Miriam H.

    I use social media a lot but for blogging purposes most of the time. I hate it when I am with someone and they are just paying attention to their phones. It is so annoying! I think that we should learn how to overcome this addiction because is growing fast!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Miriam |

    1. msarora

      True Miriam. It really irritates me too specially when I am talking to someone and they are busy in their phones. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am planning to share some ideas to overcome this addiction soon. Suggestions are welcomed. ??

  3. I am glad to find someone who uses the same term as me – social media detoxification. This is the need of the hour. You have written a highly informative and insightful article on a topic that is very relevant today. Really enjoyed reading this.

    1. msarora

      Thanks Sonia ! I am glad that you find it informative and relevant. Yes, we at times need to detach ourselves form this media to enjoy the life in real meaning.

    1. msarora

      Hi Roshan , not only you , sometimes I too feel the same. I have found a wonderful way to keep myself away from this which I am planning to share in the coming post.

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