Month: May 2018

Broken ShatteredScatteredFailedDefeatedCrushedBeatenFragmentedRuinedInjured Alone Still PositiveSurvivingAlive This Is HumanLife STAY STRONG IN EVERY SITUATION IN LIFE Ms Arora?? Via Daily prompt: broken Craving for more…..???? Refuel the engine of your life Love is lost somewhere Do leave the link of your…

A new start

FRIDAY MOTIVATION Let’s start a new with a new passion in life and find the happiness. Live life king size !!!! Ms Arora ??? (Read the full poem here to get inspiration and motivation )

Friday Feature #5

Welcome back to New Friday Feature Post A hello to lovely readers !!! Here comes the most awaited new friday feature post , featuring more than one blogger this time. Reason why I write Friday Feature Posts ? During these…

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