Fog…no, it’s smog ??

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Evening 4:30 pm

Winter has just begun
What is this in the sky ?
Fog…no it’s smog

Causing burning of eyes
My chest is choked
Skin rashes it has caused

Thinking to wear a mask
As I have to go out
Is it Year 2017 ?, I doubt

The monster of smog
Has engulfed my city
Am I be able to survive?

I am dubious about future…

Morning 9:30am

God so merciful
Hears everyone

He sent for us
Showers of rain

To bring us out
From that cloud of hell

Now I can breathe
And see His beautiful world

Thank you my Lord
My merciful Lord

Via Daily prompt: dubious

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    1. msarora

      Thanks a lot Siddhartha…

    1. msarora

      Thank you Aarchie

    1. msarora

      Thanks Abhi..many suffered badly during those days and become victims of this deadly demon.

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