Why should we ignore few things in life ?

Sometimes you have to ignore few things in your life to keep your life going on smoothly and make yourself happy.
As a river can’t stop flowing taking all the big rocks and small pebbles into consideration while moving in its own way …..Same is the rule for life. 
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“Ignorance is bliss” is a phrase coined by Thomas Gray , a famous poet and historian in his poem – Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College

He writes in the last lines of the poem –

   To each his sufferings: all are men,
Condemn’d alike to groan—
The tender for another’s pain,
Th’ unfeeling for his own.
Yet, ah! why should they know their fate,
Since sorrow never comes too late,
And happiness too swiftly flies?
Thought would destroy their Paradise.
No more;—where ignorance is bliss,
‘Tis folly to be wise.

Ignorance to me is sometimes bliss !!!

Yes , Ignorance is bliss sometimes.

Ignore those people who doesn’t believe in you , in your capabities and always doubt about your achievements.
They want to divert your attention from your work.

Ignore those who laugh on you because they are jealous of you. They want to be like you , but they can’t.  They are frustrated as they have not achieved anything in their lives.
Ignore whose say you to stop. They can’t walk a mile so they don’t want you to a take a step forward.

World always give importance to those who do not get tired even after they follow the same routine. Time doesn’t stop ! Sun never get tired !

Ignore the outer world to awaken you inner world. Live for yourself.

Ignore everthing that can block your mind and make you incompetent to reach to your goal.

Recently I have found a very good video taking about the same. Do watch it !

Take what is important , consider what is helpful , believe what brings positivity and you will be on the top of the world , standing happily enjoying the fruit of your labour.

From there look down on all those whom you ignored once on your path. They are still there , with no sense of satisfaction. They are still there with no aim in life. They may not be seeing you because they are still busy laughing on others. But you can see them from the top because you know how to move forward in life.

Imagine if you would have considered them , you would too have been a part of that mob. Now feel proud on yourself as you took a right decision to ignore them….!!!

Ms Arora ??

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  1. poseinstyle

    True dear. No body is perfect today. It is always better to ignore certain things to move smoothly and see the positive side of life.

    Pooja Budhiraja

  2. Priyal

    Totally agree with you , no one can be perfect so we should ignore certain things in our life

  3. sayeridiary

    It is inspiring for me. Generally, I also ignore all the negative minded people. My relatives who feel jealous of me though I don’t know the reason. I don’t care what those people are telling about me. The more you ignore those people the more you will be happy in life.

    1. msarora

      So true dear ! These people sometimes take you back. Its always better to ignore.
      Thanks for reading and appreciating

  4. Akshata Ram

    Indeed sage advice.. Ignorance is truly bliss sometimes especially when knowing somethings can make you feel bad about yourself #AksReflects #MyFriendAlexa

    1. msarora

      Completely agree with you Akshata. Thanks for reading and appreciating ❤❤

  5. writenlive

    This post has made me feel energetic and full of purpose. No more am I going to let other people drag me down. Onward ho!

    1. msarora

      ???that’s a spirit !

  6. Abhisek Nayak

    Very well said mam. We can’t move ahead taking everything with us as some of them distract us, and so, it’s better to ignore what’s distracting us.

  7. neerajme

    So to the point…the pieces of advice that everyone should follow who care about their lives.

  8. Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Totally agree with the points you have discussed, very logical and insightful post.

  9. richa mina

    i agree with your post completely we’ve to ignore and move forward else we’ll be stuck in the chaos of negative people and we won’t prosper.

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