Life Marbles

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Fun with words in funny world of ours??

Wait ! wait!

No blog post from my side rather let’s give a cool look to our happy happy lives.

Choose the words of your choice to complete the sentence as per your situation and let the fun begin…

1. I love my neighbours as they are big help for me many a times but I get irritated when ____________________

2. I pack my bag carefully when I have to go for travelling, then how can I forget to carry____________ with me ?

3. I was eating my favourite food(chocolate cake) when I saw my___________ I decided to _______________rather to share ! ??

What’s your emotion ????


Share it


Live in present-say dew drops


Fog…no, it’s smog ??


  1. 1. Ask me fot money.
    3. Lizard, throw him a piece


  2. 1. they poke their noses into my private affairs.
    2. my laptop with me because it contains every information I may need including my Bible.
    3. NO ANSWER!

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