And he reached to see her


He left his home with his father as she used to force her decision on us. She was very particular about her thoughts and believed in the art of living.

Twenty years later he decided to see her after fighting the battle of his life as his father left left him alone for that beautiful lady.

He suddenly started missing her. The life made him realise that she might be strict but had a soft heart who always wanted to see him as smart and  handsome man having a perfect art of living.

He packed his bag with some of her favourite cookies and also bought some lillies for her.

With the dawn of the next day he reached there but he didn’t find her. What he found was an old locked door and same river flowing near by but calmly without any noise.

He left the flowers on the stone and went back. He knew he will never meet her again in this life.

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  1. Prerna Wahi

    Interesting fiction. Left me wanting for more. Well drafted and engaging piece.

  2. shail

    Intriguing….loved it

  3. Nayantara Hegde

    a very moving tale. Sad that his desire was left unfulfilled.. forever

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