Happy Independence Day !!!

Happy Independence day
  Independendence Day short poem
Hail my country
Hail My Motherland

Thy Lord ! Let my country rise and shine

Rise above from caste, colour and greed

Integrated we stand with the ebb and flow

Cataclysm we don’t want, don’t mislead

Open your arms to embrace the broken

Lift all those who are feeling wrenched

Once again make my country soar high

Unified, glorified with three colours in sky

Raise, praise, Hail ! My country, Hail !

Sharing ❤ – Read Sandhya post what Born free or freedom means

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    1. Aurora M

      Thanks ! I was trying to comment on your post but couldn’t. So linked with my post as your latest post is in same line

    1. Aurora M

      Thank you so much !!! I Love writing acrostic and haikus

    2. Aurora M

      Thanks! I love writing acrostic and haikus

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