Live your life fullest

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Live your life fullest…!!!

Life is given once
enjoy it fullest as it has no pause , rewind or forward button .

There is no need to look for perfect moment to be happy.
Find the happiness  in the imperfect moments, beautiful flaws, minor mistakes !!!

That is life all about…!!!

Ms Arora ??

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Do you agree with me ??How do you find happiness in your life ???

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  1. wow, such an amazing thought. I just loved it, indeed we did not need any perfect moments to be happy. it is all about our perception and finding happiness in tiny moments.

  2. Each and every words resonates with the need for the hour for people to not run behind happiness goals. Instead find happiness in the moment and smile and be thankful to god for life

  3. It makes me very happy to see the younger generation living life to the fullest. At 54, I am now learning how to live for myself. I guess it is never too late. Is it? #wordsmithkaurreads

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