Blogging – as a hobby to passion and then profession

Life is easy if you take it easy. At times you feel  something missing and that very moment you start try doing new things.  Suddenly you discover a joy and  happiness hidden under the wrap . Thereafter, whenever you are disturbed or confused and feel low, You start doing that very  thing again and again to experience the new happiness and satisfaction.
This is something we call it as a HOBBY.

The dictionary meaning of Hobby is -an activity that you do for pleasure when you are not working:
It is called pastime. This include variety of activities like singing, dancing, playing instruments, cooking and writing.
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When you get involved in your hobby deeply and start doing with full enthusiasm.  It start giving you a kind of self statisfaction. You feel as your needs are fulfilled. You feel contented and happy. That very moment your hobby becomes your PASSION

According to Collins dictionary
 The word Passion means – a very strong interest

Blogging your passion or profession

There are two things that I am passionate about, one is Teaching and other is blogging.
I never thought I would develop such a strong interest in blogging till I started.
When does this pastime took the shape of my passion even I don’t know.
An year has passed and the second is going on but the craze for writing and putting the emotions into words is growing day by day.

Talking about Blogging as a passion

I have no idea about others but yes, I am passionate about Blogging.
It is way you put your thoughts into words and share your observation with the world instantly. These words in the form of blogs are alive for many years. People read , think , express their views on your posts. Some find the solution through your writings , some get inspired.  It is kind of help for others and self healing for oneself. It gives a strength to some and has healing effects if the words are used wisely.  

Journey of life continues says….

Blogging is your friend, an invisible friend with whom you can share everything.

No one is judgemental on your writings.  These words are solemnly yours. You are the owner of your words. No one has a right to claim your writings without your permission. It is your world. You have created it. You can laugh here , you can cry here . You are the master of this world.

There are many more reasons why people are passionate about Blogging. It is not only a hobby but a passion. A passion to write , a passion of share with the world and with ourselves too. There many instances in our life which we do not share with others and oneself too. This is an outlet for those feelings which are hidden somewhere in one one corner of our heart and mind.

When your passion becomes your profession

There is nothing wrong if you change your passion to profession until its essence does not get lost. Never let the money be overpower your passion. If it happens, you will no longer be in love with your passion. You may start earning good but the feeling of self satisfaction may get lost.
I feel if  you continue working with your passion as a profession , you become the master of it. You go into the depth , try new innovative ideas , love challenges and more opportunities come to your way. You do the work in a better way.

Talking about Blogging as profession needs lot of patience, hardwork , skill and  an never ending passion.

There are many ways you can earn money through blogging keeping the real essence of it. It needs consistency, interaction and lots of media presence.  It needs right approach to create the content and publish it. You need to be in contact with other bloggers. You need to do lot of research work and to be creative in all aspects. If you know how to converse with your readers , then this is a perfect place for you. There are different niches in which you can write like cooking, technology , education, parenting , reviews and sponsor posts.You feel proud being the content creator.

The best part in this profession is everyone is supportive, caring and loving . The moment you see yourself in some trouble, another blogger is there , ready to help you even he does not know you. I am going through this feeling during my Friday feature Series.

Journey of life continues says….

Profession with passion is a deadly combination to become a winner.

I being passionate about teaching enjoying my profession . It gives me an inner satisfaction. The blogging which I have started recently  as a hobby has been changed into passion. Will it become my profession in future ?, I am not sure . But one thing is sure , I will continue my passion for blogging till I am enjoying.

  • Being a blogger what does make you passionate about blogging ? What do you think about blogging ? Being a blogger I would really want to know . Do express yourself in the comment section.
  • Are you a new blogger who is looking for some feedback. Leave the links below in comment section. Interact with each other . Like and follow other bloggers. 

I will be happy to be connected with you. Looking forward to see your comments.

Ms Arora

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  1. imayogagirl

    I loved reading this!??
    I have only been blogging several months and am loving the community support and friendships especially on twitter! I intend to follow a similar path your post described and am loving the journey and meeting great people and brands to love!
    You can find me:
    I post healthy recipes, about lifestyle tips and yoga. Have a great day!
    xoxo ?

    1. msarora

      For sure ! Completely agree with your thoughts. There is lots of support from other bloggers

  2. Fariha

    A lovely post, straight from the heart confessions….
    I liked it a lot- there were many instances where I could relate & sometimes connecting with others through similar thoughts gives you a sense of satisfaction… this was it !!!
    Lots of good wishes ?

    1. msarora

      Thanks Fariha ! Loved you words

  3. I guess you are still trying to find out if blogging has the ability to evolve into a profession. Let me inform you that the transition into a profession takes life out of passion because money generally loves to walk alone.

    Arvind Passey

  4. csprasath

    Hi, Very Nicely Written.. While reading the content , I could see your other passion is also travelling with you ! ?

    1. msarora

      That is something profession changed to passion ??

  5. Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Very nice take on the prompt, good to know about your fields of interest,”you can laugh here,you can cry here,You are the master of this world”…so much true it is, its the place where we can share our views and thoughts(with educated ones) and can feel much relaxed after sharing,specially the introverts who have habit of talking less but lots of thoughts in their mind….blogging is the best place to share those thoughts,either through poem,or short stories etc,it also helps to improve your writing after getting feedback from others.

    1. msarora

      Thanks a lot for the comment. It is best place for introverts and extroverts too who have lot to say ?

  6. Priyal

    I agree with you , blogging is my passion too and here we can write anything what we are keeping inside us..a best platform to express our feelings ,thoughts and experience

    1. msarora

      I am glad you feel the same like me.

  7. Sheffali Kadian

    Great post. In few of instances I could relate myself to it. Blogging is an interesting profession after all. Wish you loads of success ahead ?

    1. msarora

      Thanks a lot ! I am still exploring it.

  8. Meher Gandhi

    I can absolutely relate to you! Blogging is definitely my passion, too. My blog is a place where I can share all that goes inside me and all my opinions with people who are actually interested in knowing!
    This is a great post!

    1. msarora

      Thanks Meher ! Our very own place.
      A passion which rejuvenates us every time we write for our blog !?

  9. sodapoplove

    Such a lovely article. Echoes my sentiments perfectly. I’ve reached a point where I don’t know what I would do if I ever had to stop blogging.

    1. msarora

      I can understand. It is an important part of our daily routine.

  10. zahthinks

    Btw this is a wonderful post. I’m passionate about blogging as well and try to take out time for it and follow my passion.. And one more thing blogging helps you not feel lonely!!

  11. officialosi

    I love this, because this is exactly me!

    1. msarora

      Me too ! I think many bloggers think same…glad that you could relate to it.
      Thanks for reading and commenting

  12. Eva

    “It is your world. You have created it. You can laugh here , you can cry here . You are the master of this world.”
    This is one of the main reasons why I gave in and started out blogging. You take all your words, put it on a single palate in hopes to create art that inspires. Being new to this, I am enjoying my hobby which I’m beginning to feel passionate about. I’m enjoying this ride, meeting new people who shares the same passion as me. For years now, I’ve always wanted to pursue my passion as a hobby. The way you put things into perspective is quite interesting. You play with words well.
    I’ve not quite certain which direction I’m headed but I hoping that road will be filled with passion.
    Here is something I’ve recently worked on…

    1. msarora

      Hi Eva ! I am sure you gonna enjoy everyday of it. This world is amazing.

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