Present Education System creating only clerical level employees

Indian education system need to develop more  critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills in young generation 

Recently I have started a project and asked the people to express their opinions towards how our Education System can become better and the areas which need improvement. 

After the first succesful interview , here comes another interview with a women who is well known in Indian Blogging community. She needs no introduction. Do read what she has to say.

  • Tell us something about yourself ( Introduce yourself )

Answer: I am Romila and I began blogging in 2004, anonymously with couple of experimenting pen names, till I zeroed in Novemberschild. Since then till today I have set up and edited many blogs, managed online communities and blogged professionally. My writing has developed from personal musings to social issues, reviews, creative writing and digital content for businesses and more. I’ve been writing since the year 1996 – prose, poetry, stories and articles. My content is globally on many platforms in form of updates, blog posts, guest notes and photographs. Professionally I help brands to promote themselves on social media and digital platforms through hosting chats/developing website content. When I’m not writing for my website or magazines or tweeting, there’s a good chance you’ll find me reading a good book, sipping coffee, listening to ghazals, colouring, watching movies or even sleeping.

  • These days children prefer to go abroad for higher education after 12th standard. What could be the reason for it ? Where are we lacking in terms of education?

Answer: There are a few things that comes to my mind. A) Peer pressure B) Glamour of studying abroad C) Lack of good Institutes. Though this has been improved in recent times but still a lot is required to retain the brain drain.

  • Unemployment is a big issue for the young generation. How can the society and education play its role in it ?

Answer: Our current education system is not meant for real job. It creates only clerical level employees. We need more into critical thinking, entrepreneurial skills. We need a system where kids can grow to their potential.

  • Every now and then we read about the students struggling with anxiety and depression and committing suicide. Can you suggest few measures to be taken regarding this concern ?

Answer: Anxiety, depression, suicide is mostly related to lack of career paths for the students or in better words less knowledge about the paths available in the system. We only know either Engineer or a Doctor. If a kid is not in that path then he is fit for nothing. Parents are culprits in making kids believe that there is nothing apart from these two paths.

  • What should be the role of parents in Education ?

Answer: They need to help kids find their own path based on their interests and not force them on the beaten paths. They need to encourage kids develop a rounded personality.

  • What changes you want to see in Education System in the coming years ?

Answer: A better skill based education system where rote memorisation should be of past. It should develop the entrepreneurial mindset and scientific attitude towards the problems.

  • What inspired you to get associated with this Project ?

Answer: With ageing population if the world India has a great potential to lead the world with skills and manpower. But to tap that opportunity we need education system which not only inculcates the hard skills but also the soft skills. I feel it is out duty to ensure that our kids are trained for the future and also grounded in their culture of Bahujan Hitay bahujan sukhay. We need major change in our education system where our next generation is not mass produced as a clerk but as a leader.

  • Given a chance what will be the first thing you will change and why ?

Answer: Change the education from memorising to project based education, where kids need to learn what is required to complete the given project. This will increase their interest into the given subjects and also show them the practicality of what they are studying.

Thank you Romila for interacting with us on this topic. Indeed the  education must  develop entrepreneurial mindset and scientific attitude to the young generation and produce the leaders for future.

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Dear Readers , do not forget to put forward your views in the comment section.

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  1. Todd

    Great interview. I really like the idea of skills/project-based teaching. I didn’t see a lot of it in the US but it is definitely here in Canada. I think for a long time there was higher education that while it might not have emphasized rote memorization exclusively (but there is a lot of that), it also didn’t immediately lend itself to employment.

    Here we have a mix now: There are universities where you can get a degree in something like History or Art or English. But then there are also colleges where you can go for nursing, social work, culinary arts (to become a chef), and even one here for underwater welding which, oddly enough, is very lucrative, and a whole lot of others. The most notable difference is that the program you go in to actually describes your future job. If you’re in the Photography program you’re likely to become a photographer.

    Another trend I’m seeing among people I know is that there is a really clear delineation between what pays the rent and what they are passionate about. For example, many of my friends studied comedy in school (we have a college here with a comedy performing/writing program). Some of them are lucky enough to write for television. Others are not and they do other jobs that pay the bills but they’re not a career: waiting tables, working in a bookstore, tending bar. But their satisfaction comes from the fact that after work they’re still pursuing their passions. Even for me this is true. While my work pays well, if it were all I did, I’d be miserable. I’m good at it but I don’t have any passion for it. On the other hand it pays the bills and with my free time I can pursue the interests I am most interested in, writing, travel, volunteering. So for me what works is not tying my identity and self-worth to my career so much. Easier said than done, though, I realize.

  2. dpranita583

    very nice thoughts you have mentioned. Thanks for the post.

  3. Abhijit Ray

    You have raised many very valid questions. It is true our education system does not let train people to think as path breakers. But we are good at reverse engineering. Look at our Pharma industry. Mostly we work at generic drug manufacturing. On another point, our universities, even the best ones, are not as funded at the level of infrastructure compared to a University of Canada or Australia, leave aside USA. This, along with encouragement to think independently, makes people to go and study abroad. If one can afford the fees, it is easier to get admission abroad compared to that in any Indian University.

  4. Eva

    I’m loving this project. It’s great to take a peak at various education systems around the world. Every country has their strong points and weak points. It is good to learn from those

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  6. dpranita583

    We can’t say 100 % true , as technology is ahead now . So many students are taking interest in new technology.

  7. Wesley Hossler

    Wow, this was usefull. Keep writing this kind of texts, you will get a lot of people to this page if you continue writing this. I will be visiting this website more often. thanks

  8. Sonam Tsering

    Thank you for posting this thought-provoking interview.

  9. mridu2

    Good interview and whatever she spoke is really true.?

    1. msarora

      Thanks Mridu. Do fill your opinion too for survey

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