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E-mail followers :spam or real ?

Hi Guys !

Hope you are enjoying your first month of the year. Actually I had some confusion regarding my e-mail followers.

I am shocked to see sudden increase in the number of new e- mail followers in the last few days. They are from I never had such follower earlier. There is post  like or comment on any of my post.

They seems to be spam or are they real genuine follower. Do let me know.

What do you say ? What should I do ?

Is there anyone who is facing this confusion ?

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  1. Same here. Last 1 week I got such emails just few minutes ago new follow. I don’t think so this is real.

  2. I’ve also received a lot of follows from Outlook emails. This whole time I’ve just assumed it was a result of posting my blog link on my Instagram feed. I don’t know that it’s spam, but in today’s tech world…I suppose you never know.

  3. Just block them from your email account. I think they are spam..

  4. If you’re using MailChimp or something like that and they seems to having an odd email address then they are spam, or specifically saying they are ‘bots’. Try deleting them from your mailing list.

  5. I too have received several of these strange followers from outlook. I noticed that they are not showing up, however, on my WordPress follower list so apparently the WordPress people have figured this out. For my part, I have marked these emails as “spam”.

    • It happened in the past , then stopped and now again it has started. Yes , I am also not paying attention to it. Marking as spam is the only solution.

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