Self love……!!!!

Find happiness….

Make yourself happy…

Give time to yourself….

Do what makes you happy

Don’t look for happiness around

Let your soul dance in the rain

Let your heart feel pride on your gain

Feel the love in the air

Feel the blessings that

showers upon you

from the vast sky

You are beautiful

You are the survior

You are the warrior

You are unbeatable….

DON’T GIVE UP..…??????

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    1. msarora

      Thanks Covens….?

  1. akankshaagr

    very nice. firstly love yourself then the others would respect you

    1. msarora

      Right..that’s a way to live life.

  2. Richa Samuel

    There is nothing great and important then self love..?

    1. msarora

      You are right Richa and welcome on this journey. Hope you will enjoy it ?

      1. Richa Samuel

        Definitely and thank you so much to follow me back..
        Cheers!! ?

  3. ventalks

    This does ties in perfectly with my post on Living for Me Not You-Self Acceptance. Thank you for the link you shared.

    1. msarora

      Your welcome Ven ? and thanks for reading and appreciating ?

    1. msarora

      Thanks a lot. I liked your title-Smile with each new day. Full of positivity.

      1. Lottie

        You’re welcome! Aw thank you that’s really sweet ☺️

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