Surprise for me on teacher’s day celebrations….!!!

This year’s teacher’s day celebrations started with a beautiful gesture of love and appreciation at a personal level in a form of compliment.

I really didn’t  anticipate this surprise.


It made my day…!!!!

An employee feels good when his/ her work is recognised by the the boss or any senior. That creates a bond between the institution and him/her. It gives a feeling of one family and you get a fuel to work with more dedication.

Everyone needs appreciation and motivation. This is what happened to me when I read these two words…

Amazing Teacher

And what to say about this unconditional love❤??❤??

With their little hands…improper lines , letters and figures, they pour their heart on the paper….??????????


They just want to do the best for their teacher mentor, guide and friend……

My feelings were elevated  as I saw the magic created by these little angels….

Board decorated by my students

Amazing feeling….

Thank you for making me feel so special…!!!

I am really proud of being in this noble profession where we put our best efforts to prepare good human beings using few chalk pieces and a chalk board.

A big salute to all the teachers…!!!

Happy teacher’s day …..

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  1. Peter Adewumi

    Happy Teachers’ Day to all teachers out there. Nest wishes!

  2. Peter Adewumi

    Happy Teachers’ Day to all teachers out there. Best wishes!

    1. msarora

      Thank you for the wishes….!

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