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Countdown train of thoughts to #Year2020 Post-6

Keep on hitting the wall you want to break. You may not notice any change outside. Remember each time you will hit , it will make weak from inside. Untired efforts of yours will shatter it deep within. You may not know that which hit of yours is last which will Suddenly break the wall in front of you. That’s is YOUR WIN.

This is my post – 6 of the last month of year 2019. Here the countdown begins with 18 days to year 2020 ! How have you grown mentally this year ? Do share in comment section.

GROW MENTALLY STRoNGER FOR #YEAR2020 WITH ME THROUGH this new series on my blog #journeysays #year2020 #mentalhealth


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Countown Train of thoughts to #Year2020 Post -5

Christmas , year2020 , quotes from bible

This is the first glimpse of Christmas 2019

Leave your our worries, your anxieties to Him.

According to Matthew 6:25-27 “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?”

Read more what Bible verses about overcoming adversity and struggle here.

This is my post – 5 of the last month of year 2019. Here the countdown begins with 24 days to year 2020 ! How have you grown mentally this year ? Do share in comment section.

GROW MENTALLY STRoNGER FOR #YEAR2020 WITH ME THROUGH this new series on my blog #journeysays #year2020 #mentalhealth

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Countown Train of thoughts to #Year2020

Life quotes, daily quotes, train of thoughts,grow mentally

Believe me it is not only your friends who show you the best way to live life , even the strongest enemy of yours have a good lesson for your life. Learn that best lesson of your life from him. You can forget what you have learnt from your friend but the lesson your enemy can teach you is worth to get one step higher in competition of life !

This is my Post – 3 of the last month of year 2019Here the countdown begins with 28 days to year 2020 ! How have you grown mentally this year ? Do share in comment section. Have you ever tried to learn a lesson of life from the one whom you don’t like ?

Journey of life continues quotes- Day 2

You can even learn lesson of life frofrom the person whom you don’t like !

GROW MENTALLY STR9NGER FOR #YEAR2020 WITH ME THROUGH this new series on my blog #journeysays #year2020 #mentalhealth

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Countown Train of thoughts to #Year2020

This year 2019 , l learnt it is not wrong to be angry. Anger is natural emotion like other emotions. The best way is to recognise your anger and deal with it. This quote I have got from Pinterest. The blogger Catherine has beautifully written this post. Check it out here !

I would like to share the secret tip to control the anger and I am sure it would help you too in one way or other. Just three steps to not let the anger overpower you –

  1. Recognise your anger
  2. Focus on the anger
  3. Eliminate the anger

This is my Post – 2 of the last month of year 2019Here the countdown begins with 29 days to year 2020 ! How have you grown mentally this year ? Do share in comment section. Have you ever controlled your anger or does it overpower you ?

Journey of life continues quotes- Day 2

Don’t Let the anger overpower you !

this is wonderful guided meditation to overpower the anger



  hours  minutes  seconds


Growing Mentally for Year 2020

Image source – pinterest

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Keep the humanity alive !

JOURNEY OF LIFE CONTINUES, quotes , good deeds quotes , daily quotes , humanity quotes

The whole world is in pain as people are fighting over religion. No religion is superior or inferior. No religion says to kill humans. Then what for these fights , arguments are for ??? Why can’t we do what actually every religion preach ?? WORK FOR HUMANITY…!!! OUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS…!!!

Let’s keep the humanity alive by doing good deeds !!! #quote #journeysays

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An ultimate guide to new WordPress bloggers -Part 2

If the answer to this question , then you are at a right place. My answer to this question was yes around two years back. In these 2 years I have grown from 1 follower to 2000 followers. This story can be yours.

Today I thought to share this story with you. (You may share your experience with me here or ask me anything about wordpress blogging.)

This is post actually meant for all new bloggers who have started the blog here for any reason. To understand it better , you must go through my previous post on WordPress blogging.

My reason to start a blog – If you read my About page you will come to know why do I started my blog ! To know little more about me check out Author’s bio at the end of this post.( You have to scroll down little more even after the end of the post)For me my every new reader means a lot. So should be yours.

If you too want to be read and get connected with other followers and grow your blog here , check out Christian Mihai a wonderful blogger whom I am following since I have started my blog .Reading his blog will give you an idea how to grow here.

Secondly, Orlando , whose thoughts have shown me a path in the difficult moments of my life. His every word is so encouraging. Every one of you can relate to it.

Ancient Skies , whose poetry have different colours of emotions. I have been reading this since so long. I have always been finding some newness in his post.

These are the few blogs I have been reading regularly. Which blogs are you reading on regular basis apart from mine ??? ??

When I completed my 100 followers on my blog , I was quite happy and thanked all my readers in my own special way. Since then , only few are left in this blogosphere who are writing regularly.

WORDPRESS beginners guide , blogging tips , easy blogg

Anyways , Since this post is for new bloggers , let’s get get started with my observation in blogosphere to stay alive and fresh. Here is a list few points which I did and want to share with you. ( Whatever I am going to write is genuinely my experience on WordPress blog )

?Write what you feel – Sometimes we keep on thinking what to write and wait for some good ideas. I feel one should not do so. It is better to write whatever comes in your mind or what you see or observe. If you are tech writer, write about the gadget you have recently used or launched. If you are a reviewer , write a review about a book you have read or any product you have used recently or in past. There is lot around us or in our lives to get inspired.

?Post it at a right time- Think carefully about your recent post and the timings when you publish them online. Choose the timings when you get more likes and comments. My blog gets more likes when I publish them at night according to Indian standard time. My most of the likes and readers are from US.

?Give tag and post under right category- When people visit your blog they check your categories e.g. those who are visiting my blog for educational post , will that category and those who want to see the quotes will visit that category accordingly.  Tags are important as your post will appear under that tag on WordPress.

?Comment on other blogs – Commenting is important as a new blogger. When you comment on a blog regularly , you will get recognised as genuine blogger who lives to read and write. You will be considered as a regular blogger.

?Write on daily / Weekly prompts – There are many bloggers who regularly publish prompts on their blog. Do follow them and write accordingly. There are two benefits – firstly you will get daily or weekly inspiration to write. It will make you think towards one direction. Secondly you will be a part of a blogger community.

?Repost or write a response – There are many posts which you like or get inspiration from . Sometimes your thinking match with other blogger. Repost that post. There is a REPOST/WORDPRESS SYMBOL button at the end of each post. Click that button and repost it on your blog. You will get connected with that blogger.

?Be a part of active bloggers community – There are many active bloggers community . Be a part of these bloggers community. One such community of Indian bloggers is BLOGCHATTER. I have got lots of good opportunities to learn from this community.

?Do participate in projects and challenges – Blogging with a cause is always being appreciated. Do participate in various blogging projects and challenges . This will enable you to write on varied topics. You writing skills will be enhanced. Your readers will love to read the posts which have some positive outcomes. NaNoWriMo, AtoZ challenge, MyFriendAlexa are few of them are the challenges which will keep the writer inside you alive.

?Think of creative series – Think of starting some creative series on your blog. Last year I tried Friday feature series where I visited some of bloggers and wrote about their blog on my blog. Some to them have become my good blogger friends. You can also start with some interview series or can choose some topic to start with.

WordPress is the largest community of bloggers. There is lot to learn and lot to give. Blogging is a two way process. Every word you write as a blogger is being  available online for the world. Every word of yours is for your readers. So , start writing and sharing!!!

?Have questions?????

Don’t be shy to ask. Leave your question in comment section. I will try to answer otherwise I hope some other blogger will reply you. Do vote if you find it helpful.

? Friday Shout Out ?

This week the drum beats for ‘Doni W’ founder of  the blog – QUOTES OF DONI W . My vote for Favourite Blog Post goes for your this post !!! CHECK OUT THE POST – What are we doing ?

Before the Year 2019 ends, I will be sharing my favourite posts from my fellow bloggers here. If you want me to read any of your favourite post , leave the link !!!

Till then keep writing and smiling??Stay connected and happy – Aurora M

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You are boundary less #happyChildren’sDay

No matter where you are sitting

on the first bench or

somewhere in the corner,

my love for you

never be the less

My eyes will find you

My heart will hear you

There may be four walls around you

But you are boundary less 

(A short poem on Children’s day)

What’s your message for the children this year ???

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Paint your own sky

Paint your own sky, #motivation, motivational quote, life quotes , Journey of life continues quotes

You are different and so is your sky ! Paint your sky and fly in the way you want to…..! Remember every struggle is different.

Get inspired ….tell me What will be the colour of your sky n why ??

Aurora M

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The flowers of kindness

#MyFriendAlexa #journeyreads, Journey of life continues quotes, life quotes, kindness , quotes , inspirational,

Show some love ; Show some kindness and see how God beautifies the garden of your life.

Says Journey of life…..???


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In the game of life

Journey of life continues quotes, life game , life quotes , inspiring quotes , short life quotes

If you want to survive in the game of life , you have to fit into it. No matter what the situation is , stay focussed and never lose your patience. The one who modify himself according to the situation survives , after all survival of the fittest stays true on the stage of life #MyFriendAlexa #journeysays

Says Journey of life…..???


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