How Genuine Appreciation Make Your Personality Stronger ?

Imagine you meet a person in a morning who passes a smile with a positive remark about your nature or adores the colour of your shirt. Definitely this is going to leave an impact on your day. This genuine appreciation keeps your mood high at the same time you keep that person in your mind who appreciated you. The feeling is mutual. This adds a positive experience about the person who appreciated you.

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Everybody needs appreciation irrespective of age and gender. This way, you send positive vibes to the next person. But as you know, the universe sends back what you give. So, unknowingly, you raise your vibrations,

your personality, and enhance your capabilities and abilities, building up a strong personality.

Genuine Appreciation-A key to stronger personality

Not everyone is capable or able to appreciate others. Some are so obessed with themselves that they can’t find any good in others. Such people are actually weak or may have a trauma in tbeir past. They think tbat if they appreciate others , they may become victim or less. In reality it us vice versa. Once you start people apprecting genuinely, you feel empowered and blessed.

People start looking for you in crowd because you will be the one who actually appreciate the really life , tbrough small gestures of thankfulness, gratitude and start building connections. People feel safe and protected in your company. They ,inturn , are ready to support you as you provide them consucive environment. They don’t try to compete with you at personal or professional front.

Hence, genuineness in your apprective words will bring strength in your personality.

Powerful ways to appreciate, how to appreciate, why to appreciate

Ways to genuinely appreciate:

There are many ways by which you can appreciate others. The words may be two or more, the impact will be same.

  • Forever liked by all is – Thank You
  • By appreciating all group members for collective efforts
  • Appreciate if someone smiles make your day just by saying- you’re smile make my day or you look great when you smile
  • Express gratitude by writing journal
  • Appreciation by you to your child or parents
  • If someone is looking good in the way they dressed, say a word of appreciation
  • Liking the fragrance of perfume ! Ask for the brand and appreciate
  • Send a card
  • Write a small quote or morning message on the table
  • A flower or a small token of love , may be a favourite dish

Benefits for you if you appreciate genuinely:

  1. Feeling confident
  2. Feel satisfied and grateful
  3. reciprocate the same feeling
  4. Get acknowledgement
  5. Learn to adapt to new environment
  6. Feel blessed
  7. Do not need an outer motivation to be happy

Do you genuinely appreciate others ? Or received appreciation ? I wrote this post as I recently received an appreciation and felt very special for that person. Though I get lots of appreciation for my smile….hahaha!!!
Says LifeMarbles

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